It's just not fun anymore

Same for me, fly the DA40 TDI and had CTDs only in this weird single instance. Avoiding it → no CTDs.
I am flying randomly all over the world and also currently a world tour – no CTDs so far. (with about 100 Mods, mainly austrian airfields/airports + DEMs (Europe) + some other scenery MODs like We love VFR region 1 and 2, …)

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Not sure I agree… I think the answer is much more complicated than a statement like the “software is not well engineered.”

The Devs made a huge deal of the number of reference points acting on the airframe compared with the competition for instance yet continues to allow lightning in a cloudless sky ever since release. I know they blame it on the unstable atmospheric conditions of an airmass inherent within the data ported into the sim, but until they find a different way to trigger it why can’t they just turn it off?


Well…and the next SU is far…until there, we have no more to do. And when SU6 finally arrives, guess what? Everything again.
I gave up long flights…I just do some VFR short flights for fun, take a ride. I dont want to spend 6 hours in a flight, looking to my pfd and, suddenly, realize that I am looking at the icons of my desktop

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Absolute nonsense. There are a lot with CTD issues unfortunately, but just as well a lot for who the sim doesn’t CTD.


Same feeling here. I honestly think that the people at Asobo are doing the best they can with the time they have and can’t be fully blamed for all the SU5 problems. This sure smells like management practices indeed. And although I also wrote a somewhat frustrated topic ( SU5 ... No. Just no ), Asobo actually already proved to me that they CAN make magic happen… Hence the frustration. Because everytime I took a flight in the last version prior to SU5, it felt like I actually took a flight. Albeit in a virtual world of course. But in a beautiful virtual world and in beautiful virtual airplanes. Sure, there was room for improvement on a lot of stuff - don’t get me wrong here - but the sim was coming along nicely, step by step.

I think it would indeed be a good idea to create some “calm after the storm” now on our part and let the dust settle a bit. Things that should have been said are said now. Give Asobo some time to get organized again and get back on track. I for one think it is a very good idea that they delayed the next update a bit. Don’t get stuck on dates too much. We want “updates”, not “downgrades”. If that means a bit longer waiting for an update then that’s absolutely fine by me.

Let’s hope that whoever is doing the “pushing” will come to their senses as well.

That’s the only way to create magic again…

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Sure is…

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I didn’t learn to fly, but I learned to install the system.

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Totally agree. It’s fun for a second, until you realize you get lightning allll the time… Please let us turn lightining off.

And here we have exhibit “A” of what might eventually end civilization if we don’t find a way to improve education on how to interpret what we see on the internet. The inability of people to recognize context or reality, or realize how easy it is to make up our own reality despite the availability of refuting facts.


How about climate change?
I think there might be a global warming mod in some community folders :wink:


I haven’t experience a single CTD (thanks god) in weeks. After the SU5 I cleared my community folder and deleted all add ons I purchased on the marketplace and ONLY started to add them back on as it was confirmed to be updated. On the community folder I will add them 1 by 1 as I needed them to see which one is compatible or not as I flew in or out of the airport.

I must say I haven’t use the FBW A320 since it has always been unstable for the most part and even so more with the SU5. The day it reaches the final product version, I will use it.


We’re getting off topic, but, I’m not limiting the “end of civilization” to the reason I posted…


All - For me, mouse will not work all buttons/switches like it is suposed to. That has been year since release. Downloading issues to beat band. ATC and associated systems dont work, wrong airport, miss airport. Cannot even legaly fly because cannot turn on lights and beacon like supposed to. I want to like this sim, but every time I open it, more frustrated, eve purchased F-14, switches/buttons don’t work so cannot get HUD up. It’s deep into game these issues, I cannot figure out what to do, am not going to spend 30 hours to reinstall because of the horrible install/downloading experience. Like all, want to love this, but hate it. Fly in FSX lots because it works.

Nailed it.

“Remarks Lightning Distant All Quadrants”

Yep. First thing you should do is to move out the mods. Some of them modify built in files I think, and by and large that’s not a good idea at the moment.

One real positive is the arrival of WT1000 in the store which means that hopefully people will get other upgrades that are “officially sanctioned”.

I agree (I’ve been programming since 1977 …) that you can’t solve some combinations, especially on the PC with drivers, different cards and devices, it’s difficult even for something relatively simple. It’s just that a log and cache would help, and isn’t difficult.


I picked up FSX: Steam Edition during the Summer Sale. (I have everything on disc but didn’t want to spend a weekend making fifteen-year-old software run on Win10. Plus, I’d have to plug in a USB optical drive!)

I have hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of payware, and countless amounts of freeware for FSX. On my old system - now retired - I spent hours and hours and hours getting everything “just right.” It ran pretty reliably, and I thought it was great. That was nearly a decade ago.

I’ve pulled up FSX: Steam Edition exactly once. And you know what? It’s just not fun anymore.

What I have been reading for the past week or so on the forum is VERY discouraging.

I had been having issues with my old laptop so I decided to order a robust new one so I can best enjoy MSFS while also doing all my non-MSFS stuff.

I have not played MSFS for about a month now while waiting for my new i7-11800H, RTX™ 3070, 32GB Ram machine. After reading all about this mess MSFS has become, I now wonder if I even care.

Don’t be taken away by it. For many, it is still really enjoyable and good fun, including me.