It's like playing FSX allover again

It seems they took a portion of the FSX code and bang it into MSFS2020.
The pop in and out of existence objects plague. No wonder the FPS went up.
Probably to make MSFS2020 playable on Xbox.:weary:

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I’ve had the “in and out of existence objects” since at least the update before SU5, mostly at airports.

Yes, the graphics are not that much better than FSX. I just flew a flight in the PMDG B738 in FSX…bliss.

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Are you even thinking about what you write? Just compare the defualt graphics mate.

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I’m talking ORBX which is a very popular addon…

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My FSX build is a much better VR experience than MSFS in its current state. That’s why its still my go to sim for now. I dont need photogrammetry over washed out over exposed photograph imagery to enjoy a sim. Nothing wrong with good ole autogen method especially in VR where everything is rendered in stereoscopic 3d depth and convergence anyway.

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And FSX is way better as a simulator at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I really hope they make a go of it but it has been a year now,. I remember what happened to ‘Flight’.

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You will learn.

Dude please…I enjoy both FSX and MSFS😒
But you can’t put an expiration date on a fully REX’d and ORBX’d FSX VR build with 6.5 LOD autogen.


No you are wrong it much worse than playing FSX …

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Also people seem hellbent on overhyping those horrible looking cotton ball drawn cartoonish MSFS clouds. Meanwhile REX products in FSX/P3D offered a much better looking immersive experience imo.

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is that really an FSX screenshot? that’s really impressive!

That’s nice that you’re loving FSX again.

Why are you posting this, especially since those of us that haven’t bought the $$$ worth of addons you have?

MSFS has some work to do to address the issues. The fact that they released a hotfix is a good sign.

Please enjoy FSX.

Or you could simply READ the title of the thread😏

Just a reminder about this forum, keep topics and posts focused on MSFS going forward.