It's no coincidence that there hasn't been a live Q&A with the developers since Simupdate 5

No its simple. Its cost effective, cause maintaining two builds cost more money and time.

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Yeah, coz it makes a lot of sense

“Microsoft Flight Simulator is an amateur flight simulator published by Xbox Game Studios.” (Wikipedia)

May I ask which part of this statement were you struggling to understand? :thinking:

Folks - this seems to be drifting off topic into areas already covered by existing discussions Also please be civil to each other and not get personal

Thanks for your understanding


Quite honestly, the so-called Q&A is no such thing, it’s really just another marketing ploy to big up the game. While it is true we are asked to submit questions, it is in-house mods that select those that are eventually asked and they tend to be so bland as to be worthless. For instance, we don’t really want to know what great new feature may or may not appear in the next year or so, we would rather hear why a bug that that appeared following an update is so difficult to track down, or what is being done to try to ensure these things aren’t going to continue to crop up.

Personally, I’d like to know what is the QA involved in vetting products on the marketplace and how much notice the developers of those items are given before a new update shifts the goalposts and makes their products inoperable. That sort of question would never get asked. How do I know? Because I’ve been asking it for over six months.


omg I just saw it on twitter literally seconds ago and was coming to post it lol

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Really, if you have nothing useful to say just save others the time of listening to a senseless rant.

Kids saying this looks terrible and like FSX, boy, you were not even born when we were using PMDG planes in FSX. Xbox is what made this sim possible, you should kiss where de devs step, they made possible this incredible piece of technology, which we thought was impossible until 12 months ago.

EDIT: Sorry if it sounds harsh, I am over the top with people complaining because “this house is not the color I like” “this tree is too big” “omg unplayable there is a bug that causes lights to move off the ground and I don’t want to use a workaround until the patch that comes in 3 days!”


The one being cancelled in August bothered me because they never acknowledged it being cancelled. It was on the schedule, then it wasn’t.

As for this one being postponed, they said it’s because one of the 3 devs had to unexpectedly be out of the office. I accept this, because it could be a family emergency or something. Even if it’s not, I’m glad they at least acknowledged it this time.

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I recommend the moderators close this topic as the post is designed to create either hate for Asobo and the development team, or start a fight with fanboys. So far no constructive or meaningful conversations have happened here.


The original post is not designed to create hate for Asobo. Then you misunderstand it.

I just want to get some answers about the bugs and if they want to fix them. Or will they keep us in the dark since as we have for months…

Will the planned Q & A from the 09.09. get repeated soon?

Well might i add the inadequate support from Zendesk to users with problem’s as a possible cause of the communication disinterest from the side of MSFS?

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You are right :slight_smile:

I have made a zendesk ticket for every bug I had. But they didn’t fix any bug yet and I got no answer yet.

I just want to have some answers not more :wink:


Development updates are published weekly. Do they answer every question or address every issue that’s been reported in the forums, no. I wouldn’t expect them to. But it’s unfair to imply that Asobo has been silent about the reported issues.

Sept 9th Development Update


They are releasing a Hot fix (yes another one, it’s becoming a common occurrence) so there is certainly effort being put in to quickly address the most material bugs. This doesn’t explain how the QA process missed the bugs or if they didn’t miss the bugs why did the executives at MS override the QA testers on the more meaningful bugs like night lighting. There will always be bugs on something as complex as MSFS so those forum members expecting everything to be perfect are not being realistic, but it’s fairly agreed on that the last few SUs and this latest WU have been “bumpier” than usual with new bugs that are quite large in impact. It would also help if they could provide some more transparency on how the development and QA side of the team has grown…we know the “design” side has a ton of people due to all of the scenery updates to make it prettier in more places, but some more transparency on how they are ramping up development resources on the base sim engine, VR development, etc would help the community get context for how they are managing such a large and complex sim. The development roadmap screens and lists of bugs that are “being researched” or “under development” are certainly helpful but are very generic with no context for expected level of effort, timing, etc. and over the last year the lists are growing in size, not shrinking, so from where we sit it looks like they could use a few more development resources to help with timelines on all of the complex work that has to be done to address the numerous bugs. I love this sim and will continue to tinker with it and put up with small things but I know there are some with CTDs that are really suffering. I too have had CTDs but found a fix after scouring this forum (in my case it was the need to update C++ files). Let’s be civil and realize the developers are people too and are its ridiculous to think they are skipping or cancelling a live Q&A because of the forum posts and rants. Where I agree with the OP is that the devs could be a bit more transparent on what they are aware of on bugs and how easy/hard they may be to fix…don’t always spin the positives without acknowledging the challenges of something so complex as this sim. Just be "intellectually honest’ when posting here or hosting the live forums. Peace and fly on.

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What about the missing wind gusts? Did we get any answer yet? Unfortunately, no…

I think this is an elementary bug which should be fixed soon. Flying without wind gusts is like swimming without water. It has nothing to do with real flying…


Indeed, those who experience continuous CTDs or are not even able to start the sim at all I get totally. Full support. I even get those that complain about long standing issues (with the exception when they blame WU6 for not having fixed them). But there are so many extremely niche “bug” complaints flying around (pun intended) accompanied with allegations about the devs capabilities and motivation that I can only shake my head in disbelief at parts of this community.


Don’t interpret too much into it. We already had this kind of bug-situation with a SU oder WU update a while ago, where they still did their regular Q&A or actually extended it with the SDK Q&A.

In the end they are humans too (yes, surprising huh) and need holidays or to attend unexpected private stuff.

Everybody has their own opinions about what is important to them. Each one is valid but like any other software company, issues/complaints need to be triaged. Right now I think it’s fair to say that addressing the CTDs that a lot of people are having is more of a priority than wind gusts. As a real world pilot I never found wind gusts to be that big a deal other than one training flight that my instructor actually wanted to cancel because the winds and turbulence were so bad. We flew anyway and I learned the importance of attitude flying.

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I second that!!! 100% ! Definitely!
I’m still speechless that the devs don’t give any consideration about one of the most important corner stone that defines a Flight Simulator which is the weather and all the danger we should encounter in severe weather conditions based on METAR … and that is still not simulates after more than a year since the release date…
Still missing : convective winds and severe turbulence in CB/TS that unrealistically allows you to fly a C152 into thunderstorm??? How could it be possible in a Flight Simulator?
Missing: Gust winds, thermals, updrafts/downdrafts etc etc…
Still no reliable announcement from the devs, no word about fixes or updates concerning the next SU6!!!
How come? Are we talking about a Flight Simulator or a Screen Simulator?! … the question is very legitimate… Of course they made a great job on visual and eyes-candy stuff, no doubt!

Gust winds, Turbulence etc should have been implemented since a long time despite of bugs that could be tolerated, at least if those essential features were there…

It’s a huge dissapointment on my side, a huge one that makes my MF2020 flights unrealistic, weather/realisitc features is so important and the devs claim to simulate the reality as much as it is technically possible? … but still word from them… It’s supposed to be a Flight Simulator right, and look gust winds based on METAR/TAF are still not there…


I was having a deja vu moment looking at this thread.
Please see: and in particular