IVAO Altitude on second pc


Is there a way to install Ivao Altitude on a different PC in a network? Or a way to separate IVAP radio communication from the MSFS sounds?

At the application launch, Altitude will show the connection window. You may not see this window if Altitude automatically detected your simulator. Press Connect to establish the connection between the Core.

  • IP Address =, if you are running both the UI and the simulator on the same computer, OR the IP of the computer on which flight simulator is running
  • Password = ivao (lowercase only; do not use uppercase IVAO)

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I managed installing IVAO Pilot Client 1.12.0b on my laptop. (MSFS is installed on my desktop).
But, ‘IVAO Pilot Client’ on my laptop only connects with MSFS desktop when ‘IVAO Pilot Core’ is active on my desktop PC. So far so good. Only, I cannot use my laptop as voice (mic/headset) because in the settings Audio input en Audio output refer to my desktop audio and not to my laptop audio. I think because ‘IVAO Pilot Core’ has to be active on the same pc as MSFS runs. Is there a way around to select my laptop audio in the IVAO Pilot Client on my laptop? I just want to seperate MSFS sounds from the IVAO atc. so that i don’t hear the engine sounds in my headset.
Or if the above is not possible is there an alternative solution to separate IVAO atc communication from the rest?

Problem solved with Plantronics SRS adapter usb.

Hi Im having the same question. I have a PC and monitor for flightsim(Xplane) and a laptop on which I have installed ivao altitude pilot client, navigraph etc. My yoke/controller is obviously directly connected to my PC but I want to control altitude through a button on my yoke but altitude is installed on laptop. I use Joy to Key for connecting button to Yoke. But how would I now control altitude pilot client while being connected to PC? You mentioned Plantronics SRS adapter. Can you send a link? How does it work basically? Thanks for you time and help.

The soundcard in the form of a usb stick is connected to the desktop pc. IVAO Pilot Core is activated on the desktop with MSFS. Go to settings in the IVAO Pilot Client installed on your laptop. Because IVAO Pilot Core is activated on your desktop the connection is made with the IVAO Pilot Client on your laptop. So in the setttings of IVAO Pilot Client you can select the in- and output audio from de audio usb stick for your headset. For the joystick activation buttom of my ATC I use FSUIPC.

Great thanks for your help!

You are welcome PokeMango :facepunch: