IVAO on Xbox version?

Hi , can you use IVAO on MSFS2020 Xbox version? If so, How? Thanks.

No, IVAO and other similar platforms (PilotEdge and VATSIM) are not available on XBOX.

And this happens because all these multiplayer platforms are agnostic of the simulator you are using (MSFS, Xplane, P3D, FSX) as all these sims will connect via a local app (i.e. client), which you need to install on your machine.

Obviously these clients only work for PC and given the nature of the Xbox I would be very surprised if this changes in the near future, unless MS reach out to IVAO/VATSIM etc and sponsors them for a console app or Asobo implements something internal to MSFS that can connect to these networks. Again I feel that there’s very little chance of this happening.

I also have the feeling that Xbox users on average aren’t as hardcore as PC users, so the need for human ATCs with all their procedures and all the end user requirements for using these networks etc aren’t as much relevant in Xbox. What the latter would mostly want to do would be to have some interaction with other users, as the back end multiplayer infrastructure is already there. Which means that the first step would be to have unicom frequencies so that pilots could talk with each other locally. From there to have someone act as an unofficial ATC and coordinate traffic isn’t that difficult.

I would like to express some thoughts regarding computer usage. Undoubtedly, the capabilities offered are undeniable. However, the associated cost to obtain an excellent system capable of running Flight Simulator is extremely high, ranging from €2000 to over €3000 for optimal performance (though there are more affordable solutions available). I would like to highlight the potential offered by purchasing an Xbox X console, priced at €500, where the Flight Simulator software works flawlessly, ensuring extraordinary graphical quality.

I believe developers could make an additional effort by introducing the possibility of activating IVAO to enhance the game’s interactivity. This could lead to a significant increase in revenue by attracting more individuals to the Xbox console, investing in a high-quality product at a more accessible price. These reflections solely represent my point of view.