IVAO World Tour Group - Australia, AEDT timezone

Hi all,

With the release of the 2023 IVAO VFR and IFR World Tours I would like to invite everyone who is interested to fly these tours to join my discord. I find it’s much more fun flying these tours together with some other people.

You will need to create an IVAO account and download the IVAO software to be able to join in flying the tours. IVAO is an online virtual aviation network where you will join other people flying or providing ATC to create an as real as it gets experience. I am currently halfway through my private pilot license and will be flying these tours for fun and also to practice my knowledge and would be happy to share my knowledge with others.

I have created the below schedule starting at 19:30 AEDT with around 2 to 2.5 hours flying on each scheduled day. if you wish to join on all the tours below or even just one, please click on the discord invite link below!

January Schedule
VFR Tour 2023 every Tuesday at 19:30 AEDT
Australia VFR Tour 2023 every Wednesday at 19:30 AEDT
IFR Tour 2023 every Thursday at 19:30 AEDT

First Flight starting tonight!

Discord Link: Confragus Gaming