I've installed the base game...world updates really necessary?

Hello everyone,

I’m new here and bought the game last week for my XBOX series S. The download was massive - 150 GB and i thought i didn’t have to download anything else. I wanted to try out some of the “Discovery Flights” in the activities menu but the game told me i needed to download some World updates. Do i really need to download them for each area/city in order to enjoy accurate landmarks and textures? I don’t really care about airports so can i just turn on photogrammetry so the world will look good? I’m still confused because some say the world updates are not mandatory and you can visit every single place in the world without them while others say they include important fixes to certain areas. I really don’t want to download an additional 80 gb of data for all of them so is it really necessary? Thanks in advance :relaxed:


if I could recommend some important step prior do next things with sim - do backup/image for possible return back after some problem. To question, I don’t have any WU still. It is own preference…

aaah now I see XBox, sry then what is possible to your HW…

Yes it’s on xbox. So would you recommend those huge updates?


maybe try for first not to be hurry here. Try find Forum for XBox and WU, for maybe some problems or users experience. Better 3x measure than 1 cut :wink:

World updates are NOT mandatory and you can visit EVERY single place in the world without them! But WU’s contain most (if not all) of the photogrammetry stuff!

You can visit anywhere in the world without the updates. They do contain fixes and additions to airports, photogrammetry, etc, though. So the general consensus is that you would probably want to install world updates for the areas where you’ll be flying most.

If you’re not sure where you want to fly or you want to fly everywhere, maybe just start with one WU area fly around all the places you want to over a few days. Then uninstall it and move on to the next.

You can also uninstall some aircraft and skins, etc in the content manager to help reclaim some space if you won’t fly them all.

Personal Comments and Observations

The Discovery Flights are tied to World Updates, as are things like Landing Challenges, etc. Bottom-Line Up Front: Yes.


Thank you so much, I’ll probably only install those that might be useful :grinning: