Jackson Hole Payware Vs Freeware?

This week Axonos released Jackson Hole Airport. Has anyone bought this yet and if so do you think it is worth getting over the pretty good freeware version available on flightsim.to? Would be interested in any feedback. Cheers

Having experienced it myself, the freeware is more than adequate for sim purposes.

I bought the payware because Axonos is a reputable designer. It’s not the flashiest airport by far, but it’s very nice. I can’t compare to the freeware version because I haven’t used it. I’ll say this: if the freeware version is good enough for you, use it in the case of simple, smaller airport like this. If you want a little jump in quality (maybe a placebo effect), it’s worth the price for me to know Axonos will keep it updated, functional, and looking its best as MSFS adds more functionality to the SDK.


Thanks for the feedback. I might pick it up then.

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