Jamming of GPS signals

In northern most Norway, there has been more than 60 periods where jamming of GPS signals have occurred. According to the news the source of the jamming has been in Russia. Commercial flights have been forced suddenly to rely on old radio navigation.

Can such jamming of gps be done in msfs also? Lets say that every plane in a radius of eg. 100km suddenly loose gps? this would actually be fun if possible, that all pilot need to go back to vintage radio navigation for some time. An adminstrator or some random server script should turn GPS on and off for everybody flying. I would also require realistic training for our present geopolitical situation.

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I’m not sure how Microsoft introducing jamming fits in with PEGI 3 :joy:

But that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine it’s happening.

Apparently it’s also affected over Azerbaijan, Black Sea, Red Sea & eastern Mediterranean, pilots are being advised to be prepared for jamming along these routes.

I believe the preparations are INS & radio nav.

Would definitely be fun to simulate.

I prefer to keep world politics out of my flight simulator fantasy.

My simulated world is made of land, water, air, and airports. I don’t need or want artificial borders telling me where I can and can’t fly, or crippling my ability to do so based on some random simulation of political strife.


Yeah, those that want to fly without GPS can do easily so. I doubt this happens “suddenly” to all the aircrews out there.

I for one don’t care about this level of “realism” being enforced upon me. (And I do know how to operate the radios, thank you. IRL too.)

As far as I know there are a number of planes where you can not remove the gps or the position of the plane to be displayed on the flight deck. MSFS is not a game, it is a simulator, which i would ike to behave as realistic as possible.

This comes under the aspects of politics and foreign policy, which is not allowed in any of the forum sections. Let’s move on folks.

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