Jan 21 update Feature Discovery Series Ep. #10 - Aerodynamics

Feature Discovery Series Ep. #10 - Aerodynamics

Please MSFT and Asobo; don’t forget the ‘little money’ pilots. I can’t place joystick nor pedals and fly KB and mouse only. I cannot handle another 100 or more points of air influence on my plane with KB and Mouse only. Please keep or include a simple stable flight model, don’t care if it’s less authentic or life like. As long as a stable and steady (FSX like) flightmodel remains an option too I will be more than happy to fly my MSFS and enjoy the ‘never seen before scenery’ I’m 68yrs now, in my younger days I was a solo glider pilot myself, here in Holland with really real turbulence at times, so I’ve had my share of rocking planes…

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Perhaps your best strategy is to use the “all assists” menu, or wait for the X Box with its simpler controls.

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An xbox controller might be a good option if your not to bothered about super realism.
There is already the legacy flight model available though not recommended for the current aircraft.

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The number of points means better accuracy, it doesn’t mean “more” turbulence.

At least now we will be able to fly over water to get smooth flying even if they don’t decouple turbulence level from wind speed.

Hi Peet,
I’m not sure if I understand the problem your facing but the way I interpret it is that your flights are to turbulent right? Do you mean your flights are bumpy or feel unstable?
(With permission of the Forum-Mods I’ll try to help you in Dutch).

Begrijp ik goed dat je last hebt van (te veel) turbulentie? Of bedoel je iets anders?

In het eerste geval kan het zijn dat je ‘standaard’ wind invloed vrij hoog staat. Een simpele oplossing zou dus zijn deze simpelweg op “0” te zetten.

Laat maar even weten of je hier iets mee kunt.

Yes is true, maybe an Xbox controller is better but for the price, you can’t get a simple and compatible joystick for the game? It will change to positive your experience.

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