January 26, 2023 Development Update Discussion

Have fun playing semantics. I’ll be over here enjoying my flight simulator. :slight_smile:

(You seem to be agreeing with me in facts, but you insist on a different label. Ok.)


My point is that the sim on XBox will never have the capability it has on PC and that’s the fault or nature of the locked up and secured network. If one uses it on XBox it’s the downtrade they do for the lower price tag and the (normally) less issues. Asking for PC features on an XBOX is obsolete, it can not happen.

I see always the same on the start screen
Marketplace(currently not available)


Is Online Functionality On?

(Options > General Options > Data)

That would cause the Marketplace to be unavailable.

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But I see always the same on the start screen
Marketplace (currently not available)
What I have to do ?? So that I receive an Market Update every week

Every week there is a marketplace update. (mostly).

Did you try this?

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Thank you for your help, that was it


Thank you very much for your help, that was it

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No way, on pc they have content for free??

Yes, on various sites (such as Flightsim.to)

On Xbox all Addons come from the Marketplace

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Aircraft, liveries, airports, sceneries, tools and utilities, you name it it’s there. More free stuff than you can get through in a lifetime and frequently as good as or better than payware.

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What do you expect from Microsoft…XBox whatever.
Tell me, did the XBOX version come with a user manual or a small document of :How to"

I received an update yesterday 130.12.0,if its beta I have no idea why I received it as I’m not signed up to beta testing.It would be more helpful if you were to announce any updates by some other means.At the moment the first thing I know about updates is when I run the sim,too late then to move my community folder contents elsewhere leaving me with the risk of something screwing up the sim…

I hope we will get opportunity to filter out airports based of their length and material of runway.

Check News & Announcements (this area of the forum as always made announcements on updates to MSFS):

You may wish to put a watch on that category.


Hello @CPTKLUTZ8221,

If you’re not already, you may want to consider following Microsoft Flight Simulator on your favorite social platform so you’ll be aware of upcoming releases. We announced the release of Aircraft & Avionics Update 1 (AAU1, in the following locations:



I didn’t get much time with it last night but wow it looks fantastic with the ground textures restored, frame rates are great and LOD (xbox) seems further out than early SU10. Flew around my NoVa area from my normal KHEF home base as my baseline for any updates and IAD/DCA and washington DC are all loaded at the same time 3rd party any no hit on FPS and no crashes. One of the few areas where I have 3 massive 3rd party items loaded at the same time in view, so good place to do a first pass check on what’s updated. Was sad I only had a few minutes to fly.

I WILL SAY, that online gets toggled off in the patch on XBOX. You let the sim load, if marketplace is grayed out, go to settings and toggle yourself back online, and full quit MSFS/full restart the xbox. If it goes to any sort of ‘authentication error’ of any sort, usually going to the MS store for MSFS and launching it from there fixes it(seems to ‘clear the path’ through the MS verse for authentication errors). Somewhat akin to some of the beta patches sometimes resetting your assists/difficulty to default easy. this one turns off online settings.


For many of the users, the MSFS is a little more than just a game, joint events and test flights are planned.
Due to server overload and weak Internet connections it can lead to several hours of grounding.
Therefore, for a part of the community, the update data in the ROADMAP is important for their own time planning.
And this information would be please needed a day before an update on flightsimulator.com.
And for the users it would be usefull to have not 7 places to search, one main place were It comes allwais first ! ( [flightsimulator.com )

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Great, overwhelming, super! THANK-YOU!

Stable, great performance, fine upgrades.

So many non-trivial enhancements keep coming, even after the Xmas gift, the 40th anniversary update.

Hope you guys are millionaires, so much great stuff and quality of life stuff, you have created. I would be happy to pay more for all this, perhaps the way to do it is to keep buying on marketplace (despite its problems with Steam linking).