Jetway Power Cart And Baggage Procedures Should Be Automatic

As the title states, Airline pilots don’t do these functions,we have other things to do,after pulling into the gate.

Thanks Jim

Which is why all the airliners require to have at least two pilots. One pilot operation of any modern aircraft is not realistic and breaks the immersion because the single pilot has too many operations to perform and no one checks the pilot.

BTW, some airliners carry freight only or might be a ferry/repositioning flight so unloading/loading baggage would be puzzling. Having cargo removed or added might be better especially for the FedEx and UPS freighters.

I had a few instances where the jetway automatically connects when I arrive at the gate when I park at the exact right spot. But when that happens, usually my flights didn’t get logged… But it tends to happen to me very rarely, but it happened.

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