JF Arrow 0.4 update, ‘black screen bug?’

Keen to fly my new ArrowIII version 0.4 but the Garmins 530/430 screens remain black. I can see the difference between switched off and on, but screens. Restarted the sim, restarted the PC, no screens…
Would be very grateful for expert advice!

You lucky you got it to install. I can’t get past the installer. From v0.3.0 to v0.4.0 There are files missing for some reason. So, I am back at 0.3


Had the same issue, choose ‘ignore! and it installed. Maybe that is why now suffer from black screens!?
Back to 0.3 is better, for the time being.

At least you got an ignore option LOL

With the afflicted JF Arrow sitting on the tarmac, try using developer mode/windows/select aircraft and switch to the cessna 172 classic and let it load, gps 530 should turn on. Then switch back to the arrow and the gps should be on. This has worked for me a few times.

Solved! Thanks to the professionals in JustFlight. They have issued 0.4.0a.
I am back in business, thanks guys!


I had no problems when installed a couple of hours ago.

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Im having loads of issues. Even with the “new” installer I am stuck at the same error message

Did you try uninstalling the old version?

Yes was the 2nd thing I tried. Tried just about everything. Am stuck with 0.3 now until support finds a fix

My upgrade to 0.4 worked fine.

Did your installers have an “a” in the filename?


Very impressed with justflight re the arrow

Tried both same issue

I installed the 4.0 version yesterday, and it seems OK. Some on Avsim said they had CTDs with 4.0 , and then installed 4.0a and CTDs stopped. Does anyone know what the “a” version changed? And BTW, if you have a black screen, you have to turn the GPS on with the top volume knob, the default is off.

Indeed, switch it on like in the real aircraft. But in the sim, you can see that something happens when you switch it on, but the screen remains black. Update 0.4.0a solves this problem, or at least with me.

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Yes, mine is Install_Arrow_MSFS_0.4.0a.exe. Downloaded April 15th.