JF PA28 + GTN750.......no option

I am hoping to test the free version of the GTN750 with Just Flight’s PA28 III (fully up to date with updates)

I have extracted the “pms50-instrument-gtn750” folder in the ZIP file to my community folder

When in the PA28, I can still only see the standard GPS variants (GNS Dual, GNS550 and GPS 100)

If I go to the Content manager it shows the PS50-GTN750 as “Not installed” with not option to install.
(The fact it shows up tells me it is in the correct folder.)

I have checked in my PA28 folders and there is PMS_GTN750_INT folder buried in these with various files in.

Am I missing something basic ?

BTW I only have 6 folders in my community folder and 2 of them are for the PA28 III & IV so I am not running a crazy amount of add-on’s

If you have just out the extracted file right into the community folder it will not work. You need to put the 1st subfolder in the community file.

So that when click on the tile named something like “pms gtn750 instrumen” I believe it is in the community folder it should open with the layout, manifest and all the other subfolders in that.

If you just have a single file when click the inital folder in the community folder the simulator won’t be able to read it.

Sorry if this is confusing, I am not at PC so can’t check exactly but I hope this helps explain enough at least. Definitely isn’t a problem with the mod itself as I used it earlier this evening :grinning:

Thank you. That was the problem. I now have a better understanding of the community folder etc. Much appreciated.

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No worries. I had the exact same problem during one of my first installs of a mod so glad could help someone else :smiley: