JFK ILS issues

Hi all ,

I am having issues using the ILS system @ JFK rnwy 13L , when I hit LOC or APP the VOR 1 needle spins 180 & the aircraft flies in a completely different direction , I have tried the approach with 3 x airliners , A320NEO , Boeing 787 & the 777 , all 3 do exactly the same thing.
Not sure if it’s me or something else going on as the ILS & GS work OK @ other airfields.

Many thanks for any info


Do you have the correct ILS frequency dialed in the Nav1 radio?
It should be 111.50 if my data is correct.

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Hi there , yes the frequency is dialled in the NAV 1 , as you said 111.50 , don’t know what’s going on lol , frustrating though when you can’t figure it out , i’m going try a different runway & see what happens .

Do you have any other addons (particularly scenery)?
I’m in the middle of a flight (mid Japan) right now, but I’ll definitely give it a try myself, though it’s evening where I am, so will probably be in the AM.

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I do have a couple of airport add ons , but only 3 or 4 of them.
I’m wondering if I havnt set the correct STAR & the aircraft is circling back around to the start of that ? , that is the only thing I can think of , apart from me being a div lol :laughing:

I think you may have the right idea, but I believe the sim may be putting bogus waypoints in your plan.
As (or shortly before) you descend to your approach, check your ND display and remove any waypoints that don’t look like they belong (taking you the wrong direction).
Confirm again when ATC gives you an approach.

This is not you, this is an MSFS “bug”.
It has a tendency to do that.

I tried several aircraft this AM, and the ILS worked fine.
I tried with Navigraph data, and with the default nav data.
Same result.
Let us know how you make out!!


OK thanks for the help , never had an issue on any other airport approach , this one is driving me nuts lol , I use Navigraph for the chart info , Xbox flight plan are a bit rough aren’t they , will take a look at deleting iffy way points getting to grips with it all slowly . Thanks again

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Hi there. Ive been trying to land concorde 22L at jfk and after the glideslope was captured the green loc needle spun 180 and through the plane hard right at 700ft ruining my landing. I think its not your fault.

Ok i think i found the problem with concorde’s needle spinning 180 on glideslpe intercept.
Runways 22L and 4L both have the same freq 110.90 but run in opposite ways both parallel to each other. Theres the problem surely. Jeffeson charts just confirmed this. Ill tried a different runway all good.

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