Joystick axis and pedal axis overlay on screen

I would like to see how my joystick and pedal axis’ behave during playing. Sometimes there can be calibration or jitter problem. We have this in dcs world and it is very useful.

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hi guy, so I don’t think we can see the axes in motion during the game (except to calibrate them) but I put the games on pause … otherwise try this -> Start / Settings / Peripherals / (on your right) Peripherals and printers / Right click on your peripherals / Game controllers settings / select your joystick and properties, you should have a window with all buttons and axes, maybe it can help you.

Thank you for reply but I want to see real-time reactions.
In the video, please look at the upper left section. You will see it

Yeah I see, just the actions I explained to you above open a window where you can see these details … you tried?

There is an add-on that you can use to view the controls called “Input Viewer”.

It is here:

But I can’t see why this cannot be build-in into MSFS.