Joystick/HOTAS recommendation

Have the Thrust master HOTAS One and it’s been good to me, but I am trying to find out what an upgrade would look like, but seem to hit a sea of bad reviews for the options I look at.

I really liked the Logitech X56 Rhino, but the reviews are riddled with poor construction stories and poor cabling.
Then I looked at the Logitech X52 Pro and it looked good until I found several mentioning of the twist to break…

Any recommendations from you guys?
Other products I should consider?

Honeycomb all the way.

VKB Gladiator NXT.

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Love this. The first two suggestions are excellent. I’m a Warthog guy. Watch videos and read reviews. There’s a ton out there.

I use my NXT most of the time but also have a PFC yoke (two of them) and pedals, they are really expensive but I enjoy them.

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I even enjoy my low end T16000, aside from a bit of view drift you have to push back it’s been great.

I’ll grant the throttle is horrendously sloppy and may as well be a low medium high knob for it’s sensitivity.

An alternative good place to ask this question is r/hotas

VKB Gkadiator NXT is the go-to joystick right now.
Well designed, good component choices throughout.
It’s a traditional stand-alone desktop joystick which features a throttle on the base so would need to be coupled with a separate throttle in order to become part of a hotas system.

The choice of throttle is basically going to come down to what you fly and how.

If you fly a lot of General and Civil aviation then perhaps a throttle quadrant is a better option.
VKB now make their own which links with the Gladiator NXT and the Honeycomb Bravo is widely used and quite well regarded…

(A throttle quadrant will also serve you better if you fly a lot of WW2 prop driven warbirds so would still be a good choice for IL-2 for example)

If you fly a lot of combat jets and/or want a lot of buttons etc within easy reach on the throttle itself then a military style throttle is the option to look at. Here is where things get a little spicier as there is limited choice.

The Thrustmaster TWCS is more entry level but can benefit from some modifications. The Warthog throttle is actually ok and can also benefit from modification and the Virpil CM3 is lovely but not exactly cheap (this is where we start into “enthusiast” grade kit)

Gladiator NXT and TM TWCS or Warthog throttle if you can pick one up is often cited as the “sweet spot” right now over at r/hotas and would seem well suited for combat and space sim.

If you have a slightly bigger budget then consider VKB Gunfighter + Grip and either wait for them to release their TECS throttle or pick up a Virpil CM3
Virpil also make grips and gimbal’s. I’ve been very happy with both an MT-50 base and grip (the original variant) and the Warbird base and Constellation Alpha…but the VKB Gunfighter is a good gimbal and the all metal MCG Ultimate is an extremely sexy looking combat style joystick.

Thanks for all the inputs!

You have certainly given me something to consider and I have a few considerations that might help:
What I like about the Thrustmaster Hotas One is that the throttle and joystick can be made into 1 piece, so its steady. The is important to me, because I need to be able to easily remove the joystick from my desk and put it on a shelf.
I also would like the joystick and not joke.

So from the suggestions I think I am left with the TM Warthhog…its simply so heavy that it does not move…

Another question : I am right in my concerns for the Logitech X52 and X56?

I use the warthog and just lift it to the side when not in use. I also use a virpil joystick (Warbird base and Constellation Alpha) over a yoke for exactly the same reasoning.

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I used to use a Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS and was quite happy with it. In light of your suggestion about using the throttle and stick connected together - it gets quite sore on the wrists after a short period of use like that and I don’t recommend it. For the price, it’s a good basic stick with a reasonable amount of buttons to program stuff. The throttle isn’t very subtle in use, but I do like the action on the stick.
I now have a Saitek X52 Pro, which is completely different in feel; the stick is positively floppy compared to the T-Flight, whilst the throttle is at least as stiff. There are more options in terms of buttons, dials and hat switches to play with, but they are not all as accessible as the T-Flight as 6 of them are basically tied to the buttons on the base, which means taking your hand off either the stick or the throttle to operate them.
I’ve gotten used to it now, but at first I found the loose action on the stick hard to control and I almost went back to using the T-flight. But over a long flight, I appreciate that it is definitely easier on the wrist.

it’s a virpil hotas on my end, a constellation and the mongoos-t. as for rudders i use vkb’s t-rudder. pretty happy with all of those toys. playing not just msfs, though but also elite, star citizen et al.

table mounts are from monstertech.

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I would strongly recommend looking at VKB and Virpil products. I personally have a VKB Joystick with Virpil throttle. Upgraded through Thrustmaster T16000 and Warthog.

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Dang, just realized the TM Warthog does not have twist…I need that for rudder…back to searching

Will they move around without a tablemount?

no, they’re fixed : ) but easy to unmount, which was important to me since working from home during the pandemic.

the virpil (they do have twist !) and the vpc’s should have (a lockable) twist, though.

What I mean, are they suitable to be placed on a desk and used, or will they need to be secured to not move around?

check this out

Had a look…OUCH…and I thought TM was pricey!

yap, hahaha - sry, but quality definately costs in this genre… i was surprised, too at first but not anymore… still worth it to spend a buck more and don’t go for the cheap ones. you’ll pay twice… i promise.

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