Joystick only works in some directions

I am using a very elderly Wingman Force 3D joystick. FS detects it fine, I can assign controls OK, and it’s all nicely calibrated. In the control setup screen, all the bars and graphs move as they should, proving the stick is inputting correctly .
However … In actual flight ,it’s a different story. The ailerons will only turn left, not right , and the rudder will turn both ways but doesn’t re-centre when you let go of the twist. You have to manually turn it back the other way .
No I do not have AI pilot switched on.
Can anyone advise ?

Hi @MucusTech Do you have any 3rd-party mods or addons installed? If you remove them, does this still happen in all the default MS aircraft or just some of them?

I only installed FS yesterday and have no third party add ons at all. It appears to be the same for all aircraft in all situations. I previously used this joystick with FS2004 and FSX with no issues.

OK, solved. It defaults to assigning “move joystick X axis left” for “use left ailerons” and vice versa ,but this only works for one of them ,for no apparent reason . I solved it by assigning all ailerons (and other controls) to a single axis without specifying left or right .

Glad you solved it! I was typing up a response to that effect when you replied.
For others who might encounter the same issue, here are the screenshots I made. Note only one joystick option is checked for each surface:



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