Joystick options

I’m considering upgrading my joystick from the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro to either a Thrustmaster T.16000M or the Thrustmaster Airbus. Anyone have any suggestions? They are both very similar so I don’t think I would be disappointed in either one.

Check out Virpil Controls, made in Europe, and not Chinese. Great quality, check out several videos on YouTube. I ordered the 50CM2 Base and VFX grip, note, backlogged, they wont be available for several months. I am putting my old LT 3D pro on another computer with FSX, and using it there.
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Any Hall Effect sensor based joystick (including the ones you named) will suffice. The accuracy is much better than older Potentiometer based controllers. Best part is I don’t need to adjust any sensitivity, the TM Airbus works right out of the box sensitivity wise.

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I’d recommend the T16000M.

There are more (IMO essential) switches on top and they are more ergonomic than on the Airbus stick.

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both solid choices, and agree with the above posters about the hall effect sensors…

Maybe the matching throttle control would be a bigger influence on your choice. The throttle control that matches the T16000M is left hand only, while the one that matches the Airbus sidestick seems to be more ambidextrous (both sticks can easily be converted from right hand to left hand with included parts).
Don’t know if you plan to get one of the throttle controls in the future, but if you want a matching set eventually this might weigh in on your choice.

That’s one thing I’m considering. I’m not a hard time FSimmer, so don’t know if I would ever want to get the throttle setup, but the Airbus joystick would give me more flexibility in that regard.

yep, pretty much.

On the other hand, if you think it might be likely you would maybe try other games like space sims (let’s say, Elite dangerous), the throttle control that matches the T16000M works great for that.

Regardless, both sticks are equal, and both are pretty ■■■■ awesome at the price point they’re at. Maybe availability could be a factor (around where I live the T16000M is easier to find than the Airbus sidestick currently).

Regarding the throttles, if you’re mostly a GA single-engine flyer like me, the best unit I found for that was the Logitech G Throttle Quadrant. There’s nine additional switches (12 if you count the detent positions on each of the axes) and of course three throttles for power, rpm, mixture. Great little unit, worked also right out of the box.

Ordered the T16000m yesterday from B&H. Paid the regular price $69.95 - not the grossly overpriced ones from other sites. Should be here Monday.