Joystick shake Problems

Hello Everyone,

I´m using thrustmaster hotas 4, and it apears that the joystick as his own life, the plane surfaces shake like hell when i´m not even touching the joystick. I´ve tried lots of thing, changing the sensitivity, etc… and nothing work. can anyone help me?

Thank you

Looks like you have a bad or worn potentiometer. There might be DIY repairs you can search for, or if it’s within warranty, RMA.

I was afraid that the problem might be on the joystick rather than the game… Its within warranty, so I’m going to replace it

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An expensive solution but look up the joysticks that have Hall Effect sensors (magnets) rather than Potentiometers. Not only do they retain center position and precision movement longer than older tech joysticks, they tend to last a little longer. Thrust master has the TCA Airbus and the T.16000 I believe.