Jps logistics cessna 152 - how to get this plane

I have heard that the jps logistics cessna 152 is an upgrade that has autopilot

How do i get this plane

Its not in my hangar and its not there when I search in the marketplace

So dont know how i can get this plane on microsoft flight sim


Look at

If you’re on XBOX, you can’t it’s installed from outside MSFS ( pc only)

Thanks for the update

Yes I am on the series x

So I will stick to what I have got

Cessna 152 for ILS practice

Cessna 172 for autopilot practice

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Good solution. I am on PC and I do the same as you do.

With Cessna 152 - I think you select airport runway you want to land at from the world map, and then tune the radio to the right frequency - then take off

The problem is for this - once the ILS frequency locks on - you have to watch the dial in the cockpit with the horizontal and vertical lines centralising I believe

I have been just flying the Cessna 152 without ILS and enjoying the view in exterior camera mode when flying - but if you use ILS on the Cessna 152 - you cant use the exterior camera mode a lot as you have to keep watching the dial centralising in cockpit view mode - once you are near the landing runway

Yes,this is the best part of landing ILS with C152!! Real challenge.With C172 is too easy.Isn’t it?

Turn off AP in the 172 and land using LOC line in the CDI and the Glide Slope Diamond in the Vertical Deviation bar. It’s actually a little harder than the combined display in the 152.

Agreed.I like that.

Anyone know why this download has been removed other than “was removed because it violates our community standards or terms of use?” I’d love to give it a try.

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You should be able to find it now on their Discord channel.
Look for :
WBSim/JPLogistics 152.

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Thanks. I had trouble logging into that; I guess I need another invite.

Link please.

I don’t have a direct link.
But if you type:

WBSiim/JPLogistics 152

in the search bar of Discord, you should be able to find it.

Note: The WBSiim/JPLogistics 152 is a PC only MOD.

i.e. Unfortunately, there is no version (Free or Payware) of this Mod on the MS-Store for X-box users.

(Because there is no way “At the moment” for Developers to put Free Mods in the MS-Store)

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I’d pay for it, were it in the marketplace for xbox.

There may also be a reluctance for a Dev to put their FREE product up on the MS-STORE (assuming that was possible), and then have to respond to a while new flood of “Tech Support issues” from a whole different set of users on a platform that is virtually impossible for a Dev to debug on.

Then again, if they put it up on the MS-Store as payware, but it was still Freeware for PC users, the poor Dev would surely get lynched .