June 27, 2024 Development Update Blog Discussion

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City Update 9, USA Northeast. Cool.

I really hope this includes fixing lots of the bridges in and around NY, Boston, etc…

I think it’s more of the DMV area. (DC, Maryland, Virginia)

I think it should although without extra attention by hand you’ll probably still see a flat bridge on the surface below

That’s also cool, lots of bridges there too :joy:

I hope we get photogrammetry for DC?

Yes, this was confirmed by Jorg in last month’s Developer Livestream. It took us over four years to get permission to fly an aircraft over DC to capture the aerial imagery needed for this City Update!

[Jorg] Oh! Right, I realized because we see some of each other at the expo, but we’re not going to have another session before July 4th, which is sort of an American thing, so City Update 9 is the United States Northeast! And I’m super excited about this next slide…

…4 and a half years! 4 and a half years it took for us to get approval over downtown Washington, D.C. Yes!! So we finally got it, super happy that we finally got it, and this is not the only city, in fact we’re trying to get a lot of cities done, and it’s in editing, the team is working hard, so we don’t know quite how many cities yet, but we’re going to celebrate July 4th appropriately with the nation’s capital. So happy about that.



Looking forward to checking out the next City Update-making D.C. awesome and Local Legend 18, the 707!

Any word on why there has been no news regarding Local Legend 17, CMs?

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Still nothing about the poor clouds.

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Clouds are great here.
Are we going to get any kind of fix for Graphics that went in the tank after the last update. My framerate used to average between 35 - 45fps. Now I get 14fps weather I am on Low or Ultra.


There has been Drzweicki Designs Washington DC scenery for a long time which solved the issue. No need to have waited. Curious how the two will interact or likely disable photogrammetry and keep the hand crafted city. Idk

What happened to Local Legend 17 on the development roadmap? 6/22 has come and gone without any word.


I don’t like those livery releases where they make it look like an aircraft release from the picture. Polaris something or other and dc designs for example.

Could we please get categories for the Marketplace releases and updates? It is so hard to find the few interesting things between all those VA Systems missions and other shovelware …


I’m a bit puzzled by the Bugs-Last-6-Months list, as it does not include the “Checking for Updates” bug, which currently has 140 votes well ahead of everything else on the list:

I know they think they’ve found the root of the problem, but it’s not fully fixed, and should be on the list whether fixed or not.

Graphics are great here. Clouds need to be worked on. Tired of seeing the dark grey volcanic clouds all year long.


Personal Comments and Observations

Jorg needs to announce an RKBridger Partnership. :slight_smile:


I’d appreciate if you could keep the development roadmap at Development Roadmap - Microsoft Flight Simulator up to date. It’s a lot easier to read for me than the image with the tiny font. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also curious what happened to the Local Legend. When will we hear anything?