Juneau, Alaska summer snow

Is anyone else still getting snow cover at PAJN, Juneau AK in the middle of summer?

I noticed this flying over Iceland yesterday. I get that it’s chilly up there, but there shouldn’t be that much ice in the fjords and snow on the low hills.

Juneau, Alaska and the surrounding areas have been in perpetual winter since release of the sim, making it an unrealistic location to visit.

Simply take off from PAJN (in the snow) and climb out to the west to see the hard line between winter and summer textures.

Seems to occur when Live weather is selected. 71F out but snow covering the ground. Switching to Clear Skies removes the snow.


Yep, that’s crazy. I wonder what it is in the METAR that’s throwing off the logic?

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The reason for that happening was already identified by fellow simmers in other topics: Meteoblue seems to feed a low resolution snow map into Live Weather that displays tiny snow fields on snow covered peaks as giant blobs. Unfortunately these giant blobs extend all the way down to the valleys, resulting in snow covered valleys in the middle of summer at temperatures way, way, way above freezing.

It’s simply ridiculous and requries a fix. Even if the fix is only a “Snow On/Off” toggle in the options instead of a proper fix of the underlying problem.


Snow cover is still completely wrong in the sim. I think it’s a very big issue with live weather, and I really hope it will be fixed or at least improved soon. Totally breaks immersion when you see an airport such as Juneau buried deep in snow while there should be no snow on the ground at all based on actual weather conditions.

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Sigh. When they merged the topic, I was hoping this had somehow been stealth-fixed in today’s sim update.

Nope. Real-world weather today. Juneau is most definitely not snow-covered today.

It’s daft. Earlier this week NZ South Island had frozen rivers at 8°C.

I think often the snow effect looks good, but boy, it’s badly deployed.

Same deal with Idaho right now. Case in point: the area around McCall has had weather in the 60s and 70s lately, yet the terrain is entirely snow-bound. :neutral_face:

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Yep, noticed it too in Idaho. However, looking at webcams during the last couple of days and having a look at meteblue’s snow coverage map. The Idaho mountains are in that state right now that you still have snow on top of the mountains and where a lot of snow had accumulated. In the valleys and sun exposed places it melted off pretty fast during the last couple of days due to sun and temperatures (mccall webcam still showed snow piles until two days ago for example from clearing the airport).

So, regarding the Idaho mountain area I think the weather got it kind of right. A bit rough in the deployment, since in the sim even some of the valleys still had snow but I basically could follow along the snow melting in the sim the last couple of days.

However, what I did notice from flyinig in the area was that sometimes snow coverage just popped in. Meaning that suddenly everything below you turned white while it was clear of snow before that. Has anybody experienced that behavior before? It happened several times for me yesterday.

Just be careful what we wish for:

We lost meaningful icing effect after wishing for changes to that.

We lost most lightning after wishing for changes to that.

Some fat-finger coding and we could lose the polar icecaps!