Just did a flight on POSCON

For those of you that aren’t familiar, POSCON is like VATSIM or IVAO, but IMO more geared towards the future and realism. I’m not knocking VATSIM as I have used it for years. It gets the job done nicely, and is very user friendly. POSCON however, is a middle ground between PilotEdge (which I’ve never used) and Vatsim. For those that want ultra realism, without the need to pay for a subscription.

One of the coolest features of POSCON is the traffic refresh rate. They update their traffic 15 times per second, so you’re seeing a very accurate portrayal of what other planes are doing. Little nuances while landing, taking off, etc. It makes for a very fun time plane spotting…that being said, there is no custom traffic set. You’ll have to use the .vrm files like on vPilot to get model matching. Unfortunately, this is a limitation with all of the virtual ATC networks since there are not AI traffic packs out yet. But once there are, it’ll look amazing.

POSCON is very realistic in that it does not hold your hand…at all. Similar to PilotEdge, you need to have current charts and resources available during your flight. Unlike VATSIM, there is no chat box. Everything is done via voice communication and/or CPDLC. Currently, it’s a bit clunky. I’d prefer one simple UI that allows you to have everything in one place. CPDLC for instance is an awesome feature. It has the same communication setup as real life, with some ACARS features built in (like checking weather/ATIS, etc) BUT the UI for CPDLC is used through your browser. Like I said–clunky. It’s not that bad, I’m just not a huge fan of ALT+TABbing during flights since I’ve only got 1 monitor.

You’re required to monitor (when able) 121.5 on your standby radio because if ATC comes online, you don’t get a private message telling you to contact said controller, they’ll hail you on 121.5 and have you change to their frequency. Or if you’re logged on to CPDLC, they’ll send you a message there. BUT if all else fails, they can try to raise you on their Discord – so there is a pseudo chat, but not necessarily attached to the network itself.

The pilot client is very similar to vPilot, but without the chat box. I mean it’s pretty much the same exact thing.

Desktop Screenshot 2021.03.21 -

They’ve also got a 20 minute “training video” to explain the rules and regs when you sign up. Most of it is
basic straight forward stuff you’d expect from any virtual ATC provider, but there is also some good info in it.

My first flight was from KJFK to KPHL. There was only one controller online at the time, and he was handling about 25 planes throughout JFK airspace. He was professional, timely, patient, and helpful. There were a lot of folks that were using it for the first time, but were not afraid to ask questions.

I think the one thing POSCON needs is more participants. Obviously right now, VATSIM is the gold standard for free online ATC, but I think in the next few years, as FS2020 grows and more planes come out, we’ll see a change.


What I’d like to see is a cross between PilotEdge and VATSIM. You post your flight schedule and ATC tries to match airspace for that time period.

This exists within VATSIM. Take the Seattle ARTCC for example, you can request ATC coverage for events. You do have to understand that controllers take this on as a volunteer position, and it is a bit useless for controllers to get on if they have 1 pilot in their airspace.

I did a couple flights on POSCON and I like it. The need to use real life Freqs is definitely a differentiator. Today I had London Center on and the audio quality was great.

I agree it does need more participants. From a virtual pilot’s perspective, it is great that there is another network to choose from. I now get to choose which network I want to fly on depending if ATC is available. My default is POSCON now if neither has it. Why? Their site offers more pilot centric tools than VATSIM. I also like the CPDLC. Definitely more modern. I also like the Trips feature.

The ramp up time may not be as slow as it took VATSIM due to the number of new people joining the flight sim world in recent times.

Could you please elaborate on the need to use real-life frequencies? As far as I remember, VATSIM controllers also have to use real-life frequencies.

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It may be symantics/semantics, but that added need to lookup an airports CTAF instead of using a general 122.80 across the globe is a little more engaging to me. No knock on VATSIM.

Is it VR friendly? How can i use acars when in VR?