Just Flight Arrow Vibrations with AP altitude hold

Thanks for reporting back. It is easy to trim. :slight_smile:

HI, Just finished a flight to KSDF and i had the same experience. Hope JF can solve it soon. BTW, I am only getting about 133 IAS at 3500’, trimmed, 25x25, and leaned a bit. Leaning doesn’t seem to make much difference.

Also with the FP on the G-530 i seem to see it wandering about a bit trying to follow the heading; after getting a bit off to the left it will correct, then 5 minutes later get off in the other direction. Is this normal with this 530, or does it have problems that need to be fixed? All replies greatly appreciated!!

Also I was under the impression that the Arrow would cruise at 160+??

I wonder where you got that impression from.

As for the other post, check the POH and include temperature and fuel flow in your numbers since they are relevant.
The POH also states TAS, not IAS, since talking about IAS in terms of performance is pointless.

So it has a hidden vibration feature for convenience, who came up with that idea :rofl:

Not really a nice response to be honest.
Definitely closing the door on buying the turbo version and keeping my homemade turbo one.

Hi, I misread airspeed when loading the Arrow at the MSFS selection page. It says 172 TAS. Sorry for my mistake, apologies. I have owned and flown a Warrior and an Archer, but have no RW experience in the Arrow. A lot to learn. Thanks for pointing this out.

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