Just Flight Arrow Vibrations with AP altitude hold


today I flew a little with my Arrow and experienced something strange:

at cruising speed with the AP turned to HDG and ALT the aircraft started vibrating noticeably which turned pretty annoying after a while. First I though it might have been the new update to 0.3.0 because it was the first time I flew with that, and never had those vibrations before. I also changed to the Mooney mid-flight and there it was gone with the same settings. Then I started a new flight with the Arrow again and as soon as I turned on ALT it started again. No problems without ALT hold.

I am aware that the altitude hold function is only there for out convenience, since the real AP of the old Arrows didn’t have it, but still it’s a little annoying. Anyone also have that problem?

Not just you. I noticed it too, both with alt hold and VS (vs engaged from hardware). Starts vibrating around 130 KIAS

I filed a support ticket but as of now its still being looked into.


Yes noticed the same here

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Was the plane trimmed and levelled when you engaged alt hold?
I used it for one hour today and did not notice anything wrong.
Cruising 130kias@5500ft

Yes. Had her trimmed at 3500. Tried it several more times at different altitudes and speeds. Everytime I engaged Altitude Hold the vibrations started and where gone the moment I deactivated it.

I’ve noticed the same thing. If I pull the throttle back with altitude hold engaged, it seems to stop below about 125 knots indicated.

Yes, it vibrates with alt. hold. HDG or NAV only, and it won’t. To be fair, it’s not supposed to have that function anyway, but since they added it then it should work. I assume it’s because the trim is being adjusted more rapidly than it needs to. Mouse over the trim wheel next time you use it

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Yep, I have it also. Very noticable when looking out the front but looking left or right I don’t notice it. I also get a screen jump when I start to taxi from a stopped situation.

Move a bit the trim and vibration disappears

Managed to replicate and had to go well above 130kias (started to be noticeable above 140kias) to see this high frequency oscillation in pitch. altitude remains constant but the plane vibrates brrrrrrrr.
definitely something wrong, even though I usually cruise below 135kias, but it needs a fix anyway.

Just open a ticket to their support to make sure it gets fixed.
I saw this effect also but it disappears if I reduce the speed a little. Basically happened only if I go full throttle

Me too! I assumed it’s because I had adjusted the default camera positions for the pilot camera, so perhaps not. The pilot position jumps up a bit as you start to taxi.

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Note that there’s no need to use the AP hold feature, if you trim the aircraft it will fly level with no issues.

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It’s up to everyone to decide if the want to use a feature that this addon provides, don’t you think?
And since it’s a feature, it’s totally correct to report issues with it.

Of course; I’m just saying trimming the aircraft is easier than it looks and you’ll build a greater understanding of aircrafts that way :slightly_smiling_face:

You can trim it for smooth air, but when you encounter turbulence, you’ll get thrown around. If you need to hold altitude, for example ATC instruction, then altitude hold is invaluable.

No one suggested trimming was difficult, it’s quite easy, and this plane is very stable.

Yep! That’s it exactly!

Thanks. Will try again with the trim!

That worked for me. Leave alt hold off and no more vibrations. Just trim it for level flight like the real one and problem solved.


got an answer today from JustFlight about the Altitude Hold.


Thank you for your email.​

As this is not a feature of the real aircraft, we have only added this in for convivence, we do not have current plans to look into this.​

The aircraft is completely capable of flying level when trimmed correctly.​

Kind regards​


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