Just Flight Bae-146 in VR?

I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on this plane. Everything I’ve seen about this product seems promising.

It’s just… I haven’t seen the developer mentioning VR anywhere and I guess it makes me a bit nervous. Is this plane actually usable in VR? Any controller support? The old cockpit seems to have a lot of small gauges and buttons etc. are they actually usable, how are the clickspots?

I’d appreciate any info from people who have bought this plane and have given it a go in VR.

I have a Reverb G2, look fantastic, VR zoom could be improved and mouse action on FMC a little fiddly. I don’t use controllers, but I’m very please with this aircraft.

I’ll second everything tony said, but I’d use much stronger language. VR zoom doesn’t work most of the time, and the FMS is borderline unusable using the mouse in VR. I hope this will be improved, but I have the feeling that most developers don’t even test their products in VR.

Overall a great plane though.

Thanks for the info, I think I’m gonna holf off for now and wait for them to show some love for us VR players :sleepy:

Your missing out

How do you control the yoke? Using joystick? The VR comtroller is not working with the grab and drag

I have a Honeycomb Alpha yoke, before that a cheap Logitech yoke, you really can’t beat the realism of holding onto a yoke in VR

So far I’m finding VR support to be lacking on 3rd party airplanes. VR focus/zoom tends to be poor and mouse interactions in VR are very fiddley. On the RV-14A I have to close one eye to use the mouse.

Asobo is more polished with VR implementation. Are there 3rd party developers that make good VR airplanes?