Just Flight have announced the Fokker F 28 Fellowship

Title says it all really. Just spotted from MSFS addons and don’t know much more. Yet.


Gorgeous plane! Well spotted - Looking forward to this one.


This seems a well considered choice to me. An underpopulated class of aircraft in MSFS, clockwork base and real flexibility in operation. Shouldn’t be too complex, but enough going on to hopefully keep most of us happy. With the demonstrated attention to development and updating from JF, I might even part with money for this. Watching from the wings with interest here. I might need a new PC to run it, but hope springs eternal, as they say.

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Excited for this!

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Why always such old planes that are not seen anymore IRL… Would finally love to see more modern ones. There is more than Airbus and Boeing…

Cant imagine that this one will sell well to be honest.


I’m sure it wil sell. I had a DA Fokker 28 in FS2004 and with me many other immers

YES! Another jet that will be done well. Thank you!


That might even win me over to fly a passenger jet :slight_smile:


Wow, really excited about this airplane. When I was 12 years old, we went on a school excursion to EBAW and there I’ve made my first flight with an airplane. It was on a Fokker F28, I think it was from DAT airlines. Until now i’ve only flown GA, this thing will probably be my first airliner.


Love the conservation effort from JF :slight_smile:
I’d have loved an L-1011 Tristar, but this will do just fine - especially if they keep up the good quality they demonstrated up to now.

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We already have the CRJ, FBW neo, PMDG’s 737 in the works along with the ERJ family getting some attention too. I’d say we have a nice balance of new and old for a sim less then a year out of release.

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Who’s giving the ERJ family some attention ? Surely you dont mean virtualcol, do you?


I think he is talking about this freeware

Do not forget about freeware A350 by DFD

Got it, that makes sense. I normally dont pay too close attention to freeware, so i had forgotten about that one

Of course this is a highly inappropriate question, since the thread is about a Fokker… but does anyone know if there’s a De Havilland Comet in the makings somewhere? I think this developer made one for FSX…

Oooh awesome! Also hoping for a F70/100 soon. Had one in FS9 that was pretty well done, and really want it again :slight_smile:


Older aircraft are far more interesting IMHO. I will be buying this one.


Now this is great news. I have loved Fokkers since Project Fokker 70 and 100.

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I do like the F28, but I’m disappointed they didn’t do the F27 (or F50) Friendship - really enjoy the one released a few years back for FSX & P3D - though that was an Aeroplane Heaven release under the Just Flight banner - and used to work on them in the '90’s at Tempelhof.

I’ll have to wait for the reports and vids before deciding if I want the F28.

Can we have a HS748 as well, please? :blush:

Oh this is great news! Looks like MSFS is starting to become an expensive hobby :sweat_smile: