Just Flight PA-28R - Autopilot and Rudder problem?

Hi Guys!

I’ve been conducting some test flights with the aircraft. I realized that, whenever I turn on Autopilot, Rudder goes into activity, and can tilt to the right or left, it depends on the situation, sometimes he is more aggressive and sometimes it is very little …

Has anyone else noticed this?

Have a nice fly!

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Have just posted about the same issue and more for that matter, dont know how to link, but search my activity. Sometimes one airleron are stuck up. Cannot trim the plane. Trim wheel stuck with and without AP on or electric trim. Lost my Logitech panels after JF piper arrow install. Not happy at all.

There is a problem where the autopilot tries to crash the plane with an aggressive roll. That issue only occurs if you touch the autopilot when you are on the ground. Don’t change the source or otherwise mess with it until you are in the air. Assuming you leave the autopilot alone on the ground, it should function correctly in flight. JF is aware of that issue and looking into it.


Thanks for the answers. But my problem is not the AP itself, it is the fact that when I turn the AP on, it automatically applies Rudder in a random direction and stays, as in the image below:

Maybe the roll knob is not centered? But that should only affect the ailerons… What happens if you enable the HDG switch?


When i enable HDG mode the Rudder pedals are intantly centred, but after few seconds same problem occurs. When i back to NAV mode, same, Rudders are instantly centred then come again to one side, not fully, but affects flight performance.

Could it be that the AP does that to counteract the left roll that the arrow does?
I’ve read that applying rudder to counteract it causes less drag than via aileron input.

The direction of the rudder input would change depending on your load and fuel distribution.

I don’t have the Arrow, but I’ve had the problem in other aircraft such as the B58 and G36. After awhile on autopilot (Nav, Alt, FD) the rudder seems to drive to either side putting the aircraft into a sideslip. I’ve seen it go in either direction.

I forgot to add that my fuel load is balanced. I did notice the last time that I had a 36kt front quartering crosswind at 8,000 ft. When the autopilot is disengaged the rudder centers back up in trim.

Thanks for sharing the issue… this is why I don’t buy a plane hot off the presses… when customers pay the developer to Beta Test a “released product”… thanks for all you do Beta Testers!.. I’ll be quick to purchase after the 1st patch. Get moving JF.

Also having autopilot problems. Switches (both with mouse and Honeywell yoke and throttle) activate ok, but have no effect on aircraft behaviour. Have lodged a ticket with Just Flight so will wait and see what they come up with

Note that switching AP on is not enough for it to do anything other than keeping your wings straight leveled.
Not sure how well you know Autocontrol IIIB, but in case you don’t, please read the manual.

I have a long term rudder quirk on pedals which had me for quite a long while. I now always kick them left and right a few times and this settles things down nicely. I put it down to dirty, ageing or dusty potentiometers in the pedals. I only write this in the hope that at least one or two might be helped by this.

Thanks for responding. Problem solved by not touching AP on ground as posted in an earlier post in this thread. All autopilot functions now working. However switches for exterior lights have to be activated by mouse as buttons on Alpha anf Bravo don’t toggle them.

I have the same issue but with other aircraft, so far I had it with the B58, G36, Caravan and DA62

If I turn the AP off then On it recenters the rudder, but it after a few it slowly starts creeping to one side again more and more

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My Arrow wheel would snap hard left when autopilot was activated. Arrow update did not fix it. So I deleted the Arrow from the Community folder, then reinstalled it. Now OK!

Is about one week that I have this Piper Arrow and recognize the similar problem.
Randomly during flight with AP correctly working the plane lost the track (in in GPS (GN530)) ailerons go to opposite directions and the plane go in spin.
Deactivate AP I took manually control, land in a nearest airport and verified than also with all powered off if I put AP switch in on the ailerons going in full opposite directions.

Just uninstalled (completelly) after two or three regular flights with AP in HDG, NAV GPS or VOR-ILS this situation comes back.

Do you have state saving enabled? If so, try disabling it and see if it still happens.
Of course it seems like a bug, but maybe not using state saving works as a workaround until they fixed whatever is causing the AP issues.

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Thank you for suggestion.
I confirm that I have “state saving” option enabled.

Later or tomorrow I will try with disabling and I will report if happend again.

State Saving can get ‘ya. I tend to shut down just like I would in the real aircraft. I haven’t had an issue since.