Just Flight Piper Arrow cockpit tiny in VR

I just bought the Just Flight Arrow and I am really impressed with it. However, the size of the cockpit in VR is very very small. I know this is a known issue in general that we cannot adjust cockpit scale, but it is really noticable in this aircraft for some reason… anyone else experiencing this? Im using the G2.

Yes, and i hope they will have the option to scale with slider. it was possible in the past with flyinside and FSX. In Il2 i had it too all too small when i changed to G2 instewad of Rift S. After changing a Start Cfg resolution it was big again like before.

the thing is , what is small ?, the plane itself or the VR view .? When you look down to your seat and compare to the distance without Headset on. youll probably will have your head touching the ceiling if you want to keep same distance to seat,ground… Not much, minimal Would be nice to have something to modify this view for individual preference… in simply way-.

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Cockpit is fine in mine, using Pimax Artisan, Looks about the right size to me.