Just flight piper arrow icing

Hi guys, what can I do if I start seeing Ice in my windows? On approach to SKMD at around 10.000 feet’s my window go totally full of ice and couldn’t make it better. I was wondering if there is work around to this when this happens?


The work around, as IRL is to descend to warmer air.

To prevent this from happening stay clear of clouds and precipitation when icing conditions exist.

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Thanks! Is it possible to get icing when there is no clouds around and no rain? I was flying in few clouds preset but never went into a cloud…

The icing in the sim is far overdone, so yep it can happen in clear skies.

If you get icing, you can also enable Developer mode and go to the options, there is a slider for visual icing which you can pull to the left to remove it.
But as long as the sim thinks you’re in icing conditions, it will build up again.

Let’s hope we can soon disable icing entirely since that’s not simulated realistically anyway.

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In MSFS you can get icing in clear skies? Wow. What conditions are needed in MSFS for this to occur?

Never experienced that, and not even in real life where it can occur only in special circumstances.

That’s indeed frustrating, it shouldn’t happen since it’s rather unusual IRL.

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I’ve never seen icing without some kind of cloud or mist. When it has happened to me it was a surprise, but when I switched to one of the external cameras, and looked around I could then see I just passed through the edge of a very thin cloud.

That said, when I was flying low level across Tasjikistan the other day, I was flying low to avoid clouds, but in some spots this was impossible as mist/fog was pretty much down to ground level. I even passed through some thin spots of rain as well, and when I checked the thermometer the OAT was maybe -2C. But no ice. I feared the worst, and that I would have to either land, or cheat my way out of it, but I never got any icing on that trip, and it was always below 0 when crossing the more mountainous regions.

I’m not sure how much colder it needs to be before this occurs.

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All that is required, is enough humidity up there.

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Does the Turbo have some anti-icing? Looking forward to the JF release but can’t really find anything saying the real life aircraft has some way to fight the ice.

Nope, the Turbo III and IV are both not certified to fly into known icing conditions either.

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How often do you get a high enough humidity in cold winter air?

Even aircraft certified to fly in icing conditions, do not always manage to “fight the ice” decently. In the sim, not that many aircraft have these capabilitites. DA62 can supposedly do so if you use the mod for it, but other than that, only turboprops seem to start gaining the ability to fly in icing conditions. The Carenado Arrow melts the windshield ice in seconds though, lol.

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Quite often, as I live next to an ocean shore.

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I couldn’t find the LVAR for the hairdryer. :wink:

I see. I’ve never flown GA aircraft near or over the ocean.

With the Dash7 I had to declare an emergency twice, because we couldn’t even maintain FL140 due to icing.
Level off at MCP was possible at FL060 in both cases!!!

Does the JF Arrow melt the windshield ice at all? I played around with the hot cabin air but it didn’t seem to have any effect. I assume it is not meant to de ice the windshield at all but would be nice if it could speed it up a bit!

I played around with the cabin air levers yesterday. I think they might be INOP in all but animation. I could find controls for them, but I could not see any variables change as I altered them. I suspect they are cosmetic only.

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Yep, it isn’t. And would also do nothing for the control surfaces and leading wing edge icing.
You basically can’t trick the sim. Maybe adding an artificial Anti-Icing system that is on by default would avoid icing entirely, haven’t tried that. I assume the Carenado version does something like that.

For the cabin air to have a realistic effect you need to adjust the room temperature accordingly. :wink:

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I still don’t understand how icing can occur without visible moisture since there are no particles which could form on the aircraft surface.

The only thing I now how icing in clear air can happen is this way:

One area where you may witness clear-air icing is in the vicinity of convective storms. During times of updraft supercooled droplets can be expelled through the tops of the “anvil” and fall outside of the storm itself. In other words, it could be raining even though there is no cloud above the area. If an aircraft is in this rainshower of supercooled droplets, it may experience icing despite being VMC.
However, the droplets from the nearby storm satisfy the requirement of visible moisture necessary for ice formation.

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