Just Flight Piper Arrow III vs Arrow III Turbo?

SimMarket has some good discounts on the Piper Arrow III and III/IV Turbo and the bundle.

Is the Arrow III worth the extra price of the bundle or would the Arrow III Turbo be sufficient? I know this is subjective. I prefer the Turbo flight characteristics but if the quality of the Arrow III is better than its Turbo version, I would spring for the extra. Any thoughts?

I wouldn’t say one is better than the other. The Turbo is faster at higher altitudes and comes with the T-Tail and two different colors for the interior. (Interiors in red, grey, blue and beige are available for all JF Piper PA28 at flightsim.to) Visual quality is identical. I would go for the Bundle any time since I like to fly low in good weather.

Link to the three Interior Mega Packs for Arrow, Turbo Arrow and Warrior:


Haven’t really flown the Piper since the Turbo was released, not that it’s a bad plane by any means.

Quality is exactly the same between the Arrow III and Arrow III Turbo. One has a turbocharged engine (and thus has better engine performance especially at high altitude), one doesn’t (and thus has worse engine performance at altitude, so doesn’t cruise as fast or high).

I got the bundle myself. The Arrow III Turbo is I think also bundled with the Arrow IV Turbo either way, which has the T-tail but otherwise seems identical except different liveries.

The best combo to own are Piper Turbo and Warrior imo, go for that if it is available, otherwise I recommend buying them separately, if you have these, Arrow III will become superfluous.


At I believe it’s $15 more to add the Arrow III if you purchase the Turbo (or vice versa), seems to me a no brainer to just collect them all…

I will say I fly the Warrior more because, well, that’s what I rent, so that’s pretty much my exclusive plane at the moment, though I love flying the P.149 as well (and would love to purchase one someday, almost did). In the end, I imagine I’ll end up with a Cherokee again, though if I buy a plane.

In “real life” the Turbo Arrows don’t get much love; here’s a great article discussing why that is.

Below 8,000 feet the turbocharged aircraft have nearly the same performance as the normally aspirated aircraft, with higher fuel consumption and higher maintenance costs.

Of course, little of this matters in our simulated world… :slight_smile:

I own them all, and fly the T-tail Arrow IV cross-country, and the “regular” Arrow for local hops. The Turbo Arrow III is for parts. lol!


I like Warrior best of the three, it is the slowest, but it is more comfortable to fly, especially during landings when it floats longer as it is lighter.

Thanks for all the great opinions. I went with just the Turbos and skipped the normally aspirated Arrow III. Now to check out the Warrior…

Would you disable your turbo in your BMW ? Enough said :wink:
I regretted buying the Arrow at first and when the Turbo came out, was having a blast.
But that’s just me. We’re all different. When I want to fly slow, I use the JU-52 or Porter.

I suppose you could say that, but I disagree. Turbos in airplanes are a pain in the hindquarters. A lot more engine management to do. And in the real world there’s a reason there aren’t many non-pressurized turbos.

I bought the bundle and they are both great. I fly the Arrow IV constantly in my NeoFly career. I like that it has the option to save the aircraft state.

Looks sexy in the Gulf World Tour livery. Reminds me of the film, “Le Mans”.

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Personally I would get the full pack. I picked up each model when they came out, I use the Warrior for practice flights, touch-and-go’s, stalls, turns, etc. I use the Turbo for higher flying x-country flights, and the original Arrow for low VFR scenic flights… Best of all worlds. :slight_smile:

Enjoy, Just Flight made some amazing aircraft with these.


Grabbed the Warrior this weekend. (On sale right now.)

I have to say, this aircraft flies really nicely. It also has a higher cruise speed than either of the Warriors I’ve flown in real life, which is a nice surprise! Floats down the runway just like the real thing too… you can hold off the nose wheel until you cut the throttle, making it easy to “grease on” a landing.

To new Piper drivers I would say this: fly to the numbers, and do not come in “hot” or you’ll be flying a go around in the circuit. :slight_smile:

Kudos to Just Flight for doing such a fine job on the model in general, and the flight model in particular. I have both Arrows, so initially thought another PA28 might be redundant. Absolutely not the case… the Warrior has a distinct personality.


Yea, it is really nice, my favorit of the pack, I use it with the GTN-750 and I love it.

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To double-check – is the Warrior II still not available through the Marketplace? As far as I can tell the bundle includes only the Arrow III and Turbo Arrow III/IV, and there’s no separate or bundled Warrior II package for the Marketplace. Or did I miss it? Thanks!

I think you are correct… not available in the Marketplace.

If you are on a PC I would strongly suggest buying directly from Just Flight. Their customer service and support are excellent, and updates are very timely.


I picked up the bundle and atm enjoying the ‘III’. Question I have is:

The plane has an ‘invisible’ button for altitude hold so I presume that the RL plane has no alt hold? If this is the case then why does the AP have an adjacent switch for Heading? As the plane does not have alt hold nor auto throttle, then the only thing the AP does IS Heading (hdg/nave etc) making the additional switch redundant.

I’m only a novice with GA planes so I’m sure someone will put me right :slight_smile:

The heading switch is for setting the AP to follow the heading guidance selected on the Directional Gyro. It works in concert with the five-position selector switch located just below the hidden click spot for altitude hold.