Just Flight Piper PA-28R Arrow III - Enhanced Checklist (Normal Procedures)

An attempt to create a simple, yet as complete as possible checklist for Just Flight’s fantastic Piper Arrow III. Should probably apply to Carenado’s version as well. Has been designed to fit into 2 A4 pages which you can laminate.

Page #1 sample:

Any feedback and/or corrections are welcome. Any future updates will use the same Google Drive link.
At some point I may add emergency procedures too, although with MSFS’s currently limited failures simulation I’m not sure what’s the point.


v2 with minor text corrections and also updated mixture settings for best economy/power (peak EGT vs 100F Rich of Peak, respectively).

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This is great! Exactly what I was looking for. I have the Carenado version, so I’m wondering if they’re modeling the exact same planes here. I don’t have the JustFlight version, but I’m gonna assume they’re the same?

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Hi! When I click your link I get an unformatted google docs file without any menu bar or anything. How do I convert it to the nice formatted version from your sample? Thanks.

You should be able to click on File > Export > Export as PDF to download a copy in pdf format.

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Well I haven’t changed anything so I assume it’s working for most of the others, even if they’re not logged in to their Google accounts. It’s definitely working for me. Are you sure this isn’t a browser issue? Perhaps try to follow GigantPetz’s suggestion.

Using chrome on windows. I get no google docs toolbar, just the document. iPad does the same. Nevermind, I’ll just use another one.
See below. It looks like this in both browsers.

This is weird. Well anyway, here it is in PDF format: Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow III - Normal Procedures (Enhanced) - Normal Procedures.pdf - Google Drive

Thanks! Much appreciated :+1:

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Hi, just to clarify the ignition.

Are you meant to put mixture to rich, hold for three seconds, set mixture to zero, start ignition and then quickly put mixture back to rich.

Or are you supposed to start ignition whilst rich?

If the former - why?

Can’t remember where I got this sequence from (probably the official POH) but I think the idea is that when the engine is cold, you add some fuel, wait a few seconds for the fuel flow to register in the instruments (JF Arrow simulates that) and then cut off mixture to idle.

Then you start ignition and while the engine is cranking, you increase mixture to rich again.

The procedure is slightly different when the engine is hot, as you can skip that “3 seconds” part. You simply turn on the pump, make sure throttle is slightly open and mixture is at idle cut-off and then you start the ignition and advance mixture to rich.

Here’s how it shows in the official POH:


As for the actual reason why, personally I have no idea. I am neither a RL pilot, nor a mechanic. I only assume this is needed to avoid flooding the engine and to also make sure there is some fresh air/fuel mixture in the chambers and the pipes before ignition kicks in.

You are correct. Making sure no air in any lines

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