Just Flight Warrior Sensitivity?

Hey folks, having issues with sensitivity with my Thrustmaster T16000 and the Just Flight Warrior. Its my first payware GA aircraft. JF recommends 0 everything in sensitivity settings but that makes the aircraft SUPER twitchy, especially the rudder (I use twist rudder on the stick).

I tried using my normal sensitivity settings that I use for everything else (which is pretty much -45% or so on all axis) and the aircraft feels suuuuuuper heavy. Now, I’m not sure if this is just realistic or wrong. I did fly a C152 some years ago and I’m thinking maybe its just realistic. I usually fly LSA’s in real life so its a different feel.

Just wanted to know what you guys do for sensitivity settings with the Warrior/Arrow etc?


  1. Oh, man, twist rudder is so hard to use.
  2. Twitchy? I haven’t flown it since WU6, but I will later and see if I notice a difference.
  3. It might all be related to your trim settings. Have you tried using the trim yet?
    You’re going to want to set it slightly nose up for both takeoff or landing, or, yes, the plane will feel super heavy. So heavy, you may not have enough elevator authority to lift the nose as you come across the threshold at slow speed. This is actually noticeable in the real Warrior, too. (I currently rent Warrior II’s and III’s). Pipers in general really like you to use the trim as you fly, moreso than Cessna’s do.

(I highly recommend getting a pair of rudder pedals, they’re so much easier to use than the twist axis. I realize, however, rudder pedals might be out of your budget… but, just sayin.)

One thing I’ve done with my Logitech Extreme3D Pro joystick is to assign the elevator trim axis to the throttle lever on it (I also have a CH Products Throttle Quadrant, so that axis was unused). It makes trimming the plane way easier than trying to use buttons to control the trim. Since SU5, however, Asobo made some major changes to the systems and avionics templates without telling anyone, so on a bunch of planes, including the Just Flight aircraft, you have to reverse the axis to get it to work in the correct direction. So far, the Nieuport 17, Just Flight, and Milviz aircraft are affected, and maybe more. Just Flight has committed to fixing it, but, they haven’t released a fix it. It’s no big deal; when you notice it’s backwards, you just have to go into the controller options and click the “reverse axis” check box.

They don’t recommend setting everything at 0%, just the roll and pitch. Rudder you should set to what suits your controller. I have something like -60%.

I use a flat response curve, 0 for everything, with my Yoko yoke. But the MFG Crosswind rudder pedals I have sensitivity set to -29 I believe. I found this to be a nice balance between taxi ability, and twitchiness on take off roll.

0 % sensitivity with a normal joystick is going to make you want to quit flying pretty soon because of the twitchiness. It only works if you have a yoke or a floor-mounted joystick.

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I think its dependent on a few things. The amount of travel on your yoke/stick, as well as the resolution of the axis. That was one of the reasons why I bought my yoke. It has the longest travel on pitch (144mm) of most if not all the commercial yokes out there, coupled with 12bit resolution on each axis. When trimmed out you really can fly the plane with one finger.

It’s just a shame that it only has 90 degrees on roll.

True, it’s hard to go back to a joystick once you’ve gotten used to a yoke. I even use it in the A-10C in DCS even though I have a T16000M. I just can’t get the same kind of precision with the stick.

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If there were a commercially available floor standing flight stick it would sell like hotcakes.

I remember there being some home brew stuff kicking around, but I don’t remember seeing anything off the shelf.

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How about instead saying “0% sensitivy with my joystick made ME want to quit flying”

I switched to it when a bunch of authors said they design their flight models assuming 0% sensitivity, and I haven’t gone back since. Works great for me… Logitech Extreme3D PRO Joystick.

Given just about everybody suggests that’s how they designed their flight models, I’m sticking with it.

(Edit: Pun unintended)

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If nothing else it would get you used to making smaller deflections to get desired outcomes. I use -29% for my rudder pedals, at first really get used to the slow turn rates on taxi for some unmodded aircraft, but I’ve got used to it now, and stuck with it. I like to think it’s made my control of the rudder better.