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I believe it’s been talked about a few times but there doesn’t seem to be much official news out there. Certainly would seem to be a no-brainer

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I’m absolutely in love with the Dove and the Canberra and would like to see them in MSFS.

Oh yeah baby, get it done. :joy:

Yes. we have been working on the 146 for MSFS for a while and it’s our in-house team’s focus after the Hawk T1. Visuals are nearly complete and I’m working on the systems now.

Martyn - Just Flight


Wow, that came out of blue. I understand that there is a long way to go, but this really made my day!

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A few sneak previews…

Martyn - Just Flight


Superb! That’s really good to hear!

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I’ve always loved this aircraft and it looks amazing. I hope you can work whatever is going on with Asobo/MS out (technical or otherwise) and bring it to the marketplace on Xbox! We are in desperate need of ANY quality tube liner over here!


Take my wallet now. Seriously cannot wait to get some JF aircraft on Xbox. Hope this makes it over eventually!


do have an update for your pipers on marketplace (xbox) ?

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OMG YES, Martyn!! :heart_eyes: I have watched these planes go by in and out of my local field many times. Sadly not anymore :pensive: However, it will be a true joy to fly the Bae in sim to honour its legacy :heart:


Oh yes. I love the 146, such a quirky aircraft. As others have said, if/when it comes to the marketplace, you can have my money, no questions asked.

That’s freakin’ gorgeous :slight_smile:
Thanks for peek!

Id love to see the Duchess 76 come to MSFS.

Does that mean the 146 wil be done before the Fokker 28? Or the Fokker is already done? I don’t remember the 146 being announced until now, but I’ve been excited about the Fokker for months now.

Then why don’t you. What PMDG demonstrate if you raise the quality bar on fidelity you corner the market JF are a good company I would urge you to go further.

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I’ve found just flight have been steadily improving their visuals with the pipers. I recall the low res textures in the original arrow 3 release that were quickly resolved and they added decals to boot which is no small undertaking.

I now find them up there visually with the default aircraft as far as I’m concerned.

That bae146 looks great and appears to be continuing the trend. Keep up the good work!

Is there any new information?? Thanks

Noticed that your Arrows are now available on the PC marketplace. Any further update on the Xbox? Thanks.

I’ve been flying the Turbo Arrow for quite some time now, and just picked up the Hawk despite being a bit resistant as I mainly fly GA, but man that plane is fun! I’m curious if you plan on developing one of the newer Piper turboprops with modern avionics or if your main focus is on older steam gauge planes?