Just Flight

Never see too many complaints about their products. I have the arrow and the turbo they tend to pretty much work and what does need addressing they do immediately. Support is phenomenal!

Keep Up the good work!


Agreed, I’ll be very excited to hear what other planes they plan on doing next!

Too bad is not on the in-game marketplace. I would have bought it. Next…


Why not buy it direct from Justflight, at least you know also that the developer is getting all the revenue from the sale as well.


I used to buy from Justflight years ago never any complaints good company. Will be buying from them again soon.


Yeah their product support is fast and they’re quick to respond to bugs… good example of a quality FS company


No issues with Just Flight. Be nice if they had an auto update facility like Orbx but they do email you about updates so it is no big hassle.

The marketplace on the other hand is a PITA, the aircraft are often different (the marketplace G91 cannot drop ordinance??? ) and the updates are often very slow compared to buying outside the marketplace.



1/ I don’t want to have 20 different installers from 20 different shops
2/ I think addon developers should be supporting the platform and selling through the market place.


Will companies have to put their products in the marketplace if they want to sell it to console players?

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as we have seen - it is too advantageous to buy direct


Yep. Another reason not to buy outside the market place.

The Arrows will eventually make it to the marketplace.

They may potentially have to be nerfed a bit to meet random MS restrictions on what marketplace content is allowed to do, or maybe not … who knows.

One thing they said will definitely NOT be possible due to MS restrictions is the 66% discount on the turbo if you buy the standard Arrow first. They are proposing to offer a bundle deal instead.

JustFlight is a good company, I worked with one of their developers trying to iron out bugs in their Traffic Global product for P3D. Very quick to support their customers. Great to deal with directly.


Next up is the Piper Warrior that they say is due sometime next month.

They are also working on the BAe Hawk but I think that’s still some way off

And they have mentioned that their BAe 146 Professional module should be coming to MSFS but I really don’t expect to see that one any time soon.

Personally I’d love to see their Robin DR400 make it to MSFS if only to replace the dreadful default version with something that actually shows what the plane is capable of.

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Is products not being available directly at MSFS marketplace something to do with quality check?

they already do
Just Flight - PA-28R Arrow III & Turbo Arrow III/IV Bundle (for MSFS)

I don’t think anyone knows for sure why MS takes so long to add new modules or updates to the Marketplace.

But considering the appalling quality of some of the stuff that’s already there quality checks seem unlikely.


I’d like to see their Dove/Devon, I enjoy to fly it in P3D. And their Canberra and Vulcane, of course.


fully agree with you

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My $0.02…

I “earn my keep” working in a small, independent environment. We all work very hard, so we can play hard too. Our customers are very loyal, and in return, we take very good care of them.

Because of that mindset, I would much rather buy directly from Just Flight and support them with 100% of the price they’re asking for each product they develop in house. I purchased all three Arrow models directly from Just Flight.

I gave my money to Asobo and MS for Flight Sim a year ago (pre-release.) Unless it is a situation like Carenado has, where MSFS products can only be purchased from the marketplace I’ll go direct to the developer every time. (PMDG’s DC-6 comes to mind.)

And I’ll feel good about it! :slight_smile: