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After i read this thread and the thread about Seafront Simulations… there must be some heavy complicatons for high sophisticated mods on xbox. cant Imagine what PMDG has now issues with bringing their DC6 to the marketplace.

but hell yeah… copy cats mods are coming into marketplace…

This is a MSFS problem with the way they do things. Other games on Xbox support mods no problem.

The Milviz dev said WASM code was not playing nice with Xbox’s DRM. Not sure if it is the same with JF. I still think MS/Asobo are in no rush anyway because of their partnership with Carenado and that Arrow is on the marketplace.

no, it is about the custom code - JF and the PMDG with the DC6 are using a lot of custom code. there must be some barriers on the marketplace in the usage of custom code.

I think the more I read, the more I think that stuff with more complex flight models will never appear on the marketplace. Which is likely to mean that if I want to use the sim to it’s fullest, I will need to invest in a PC and buy direct from developers.


Yes, their DRM like I mentioned. So are 3rd party developers not allowed to use any custom code if they want to sell an aircraft on Xbox or is MS/Asobo going to fix it? Not quite what Jorg sold to customers or the 3rd party dev community pre Xbox launch…

In the meantime we are stuck with Russian fighters stuffed with g3000s…

I certainly don’t think something like the DC-6 will ever be available on Xbox. I’d like to think that Just Flight aircraft will be available, but let’s just say I’m not hopeful. At all. Same goes for something like PMDG 737. Not a chance we’ll ever see that on the marketplace.

Saving up for a decent PC it is, then!


I wish they would do the Beech C90.


Just Flight flight models are really good, they are good products! but the exterior modeling and the details have Pixels of PlayStation 3, they are very
good products but have a lack of graphic quality, for me are incomplete products, since they do not take advantage of the potential of the simulator

Justflight are superb.
Good quality addons and their support is second to none.

PMDG are also superb and for the same reasons I stated for JF.

I’d buy directly from these guys every single time.


Personally I’m here to fly so as long as the visuals meet a basic level what matters to me is how they fly.

of course, everyone has their own criteria

Just hold fire at least for this week and see what news is forthcoming. Will ensure you get an update in here. Things looked a little better back end of last week hopefully the good news might continue. Bear with and I’ll report back as soon as I can.


Personally I absolutely prefer better FPS over more detail in the upper seat belt restraints and external view rivets.

But for some people visuals matter, even if just for screenshots. Shame they cannot offer both high detail and high performance variants so the user can choose.

It’s an artistic choice rather than a sign of an incomplete product. We’ve explained in the Arrow III thread why we’ve chosen not to use the tiled approach to texturing that the default aircraft use. While it means a slight reduction in resolution in some areas, we feel that the unique wear and tear and character of the aircraft that results is far superior, and fortunately thousands agree. Hopefully comparing our Hawk T1 with the other aircraft available in MSFS demonstrates that.

Martyn - Just Flight


I’m absolutely in love with your Arrow III.

But then again… I never felt like looking under the right seat and count the amount of stitches while I’m flying it. Come to think of it… never felt like that whilst on the platform either. Keep up the great work.


The problem there is additional cost and time that it would require in order to do that - these are small teams creating products that won’t sell large numbers (by modern game standards) so creating redundant additional models doesn’t seem particularly viable.
Like you I think JF have the right balance in what they do deliver.

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Performance all day long over non essential, resource hogging exterior visuals to the 'nth degree.
The vast, vast majority of your customers really appreciate this approach and will continue to do so.

Keep up the good work JF …and when is your ‘instabuy’, DC-3 coming. :+1:


It’s a type that we’d certainly love to create!

Martyn - Just Flight


With the Hawk just about to release (hopefully) are you able to say if you are currently working on anything smaller for MSFS than your BAe 146 and Fokker 28 ?

Are they though, working on the BAe 146? I can’t find that anywere online. Would be awesome if they would be.