Just one thing that would make a difference

I’m enjoying MSFS and accept that there are issues but try to see past them and look to the future for this amazing product.

BUT … if there was one thing that ASOBO could fix that would make your simming experience more enjoyable, what would it be?

For me, I’d like to see a better representation of other traffic, I.e., AI and other live traffic along with a clear indication of altitude, speed and direction. This would be available on MFDs and the Nav Map.

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Me too! I’d suggest you also don’t miss voting for this:

They should fix their urge to release new content, and instead focus 100 percent on fixing the bugs and improving the SDK to a level where study-level aircraft developers can comfortably begin to churn out complex, study level aircraft.

I expected at least three complex, study level aircraft on launch day but was extremely disappointed to see none.


Easy. Stability.

I agree 100% lets get the bugs out first.


Bug free flight controls and aerodynamics.

It is a flight sim, not world simulator after all!

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Not making it so addictive! It’s amazing how quickly the hours pass, and there are lots of other things I should be doing instead.


Get the AI to see the difference between a tree and a bush…

There isn’t just 1 for me, but I can break it down to 2 things that would make ALL the difference in the world.

1. Stability - That right there is the biggest issue for me. Nothing is more annoying than after an 2+ hour flight, you just got your approach instructions, the camera goes nuts and then you’re looking at a desktop. Apparently it’s fixed, but due to all those things that were claimed to be “fixed” in previous patches that were actually broken more, I’m left a bit skeptical.

2. Autopilot and avionics that aren’t part of SkyNet - It would be nice if the onboard systems weren’t constantly trying to kill me.

Those 2 things right there would make all the difference for me and turn MSFS from a frustrating experience into a smooth, enjoyable one. I still love playing it, because those issues don’t occur always. But they happen enough to make it a frustrating experience. Remove those issues and I’m at least satisfied.