Just Picked up Tulsa KTUL

I lived in Broken Arrow a number of years so Tulsa is a nice place to take a scenic flight. Also a good place to start the KTUL, KSTL, KORD run.

Where did you pick this up. I might have to check it out as I used to live there.



Why does rwy 36R have yellow Xs on it? It’s not closed IRL.

Good question. That is how we always landed on a 737

Ever since Gene Pitney’s song about it that I heard in school, Tulsa has always fascinated me. Is it nice there, any flight suggestions thereabouts?

I think its called Grand Lake about 60 miles northeast of Tulsa. We were there one July 4th watching the fireworks from the boat

As I recall Gene Pitney was at least a day away from Tulsa in the song. That’s a lot of miles in a truck.