Just thank you, thank you , thank you!

We are living in a very dark period of history. One day, unexpectedly, Asobo/Microsoft announced the release of the Flight simulator.
The days pass slowly and sadly closed everyone in their homes, but how can we not feel a certain gratitude to those who have given us this wonderful gift? every day, whether it’s good weather or not, whether it’s in lockdown or you can go out, this simulator makes me get up in the air and with it, all my thoughts, worries, fears, fly away!!! thank you Martial, Sebastian, Jorg and all those who are working to make this experience the greatest mind breaker ever… You have been a reason to live. You have encouraged me to hope out there and to look forward with positivity. Every time a trailer for FS comes out my heart smiles again and, even if it’s a virtual flight in the end, I’m happy and relieved! thank you to everyone who gives their all in this forum every day! thank you also to you, who use this simulator that finally made all this possible, in short THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INCLUDING YOU WHO TODAY READ THIS TEXT. :heartbeat:


Nice post bud :slight_smile:

I love this sim We all know it has its flaws but look at how massive this game is…It can only get better :slight_smile:


I have to agree with the sentiment of this post. MSFS even with its issues, has been a HUGE importantce to me during this lockdown where I have been stuck at home and shielding. Even with the occassional issues, I have been able to take to the skys, and fly and see the world in a manner that I just cannot do for real. It has kept me entertained and happy.

I do see a lot of complaints, and I do understand people gettign upset about issues, and believe me I am (as a developer myself) a person who does hold high standards for software, and understand why people are upset. But remember, Asobo themselves have been working through a pandemic too, and have managed to deliver something that blunted some of the boredom of the pandemic. Its given us a community to communicate with, even if it was to moan. It has allows us to see places we may not be able to see.

its given us hope, and for that, for me, its probably the most important software release of the year.


Couldn’t agree more, has its issues but FS in VR is nothing short of brilliant and everyone I show the game to in VR is blown away


Hugely so, despite the issues, efforts must be appreciated and recognition must be given. I am here for the long run so I am patient.
Huge thanks to Microsoft and Asobo for bringing this to the world.
I hope they never get discouraged or disappointed by the negativity of some people.


I only registered in Forum to write this… Yes…I agree with you. When people do good things we must say it. We need to thanks … and need to let others know. What a great community we have here.


True, I would not dare or could afford, flying cessna through states, from coast to coast, and I’m doing just that. Virtualy doing what many of use dreamed about but never dared/had a chance. It’s sth else. And it’s so peaceful. Thank you developpers : )


I was hoping this might be about a fix for the stutters. Oh well - clicked on it anyway. If MSFS weren’t released I would still have enjoyed flying fsx. However, I echo the general sentiment. Better to find reasons to be grateful than not…

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I Agree definitely :+1::+1::100::100:


I envy those at home still sheltering.
Hardly now have time to sim.

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I totally agree with the OP. It is already fantastic, even with those remaining issues. Take this piece of software as a good wine. It will get better with the time, and has already a tremendous potential. It is clearly my GOTY 2020, and a dream come true for the moment. Thks to MS/Asobo for this.


I wonder how long it will be before someone turns this post around… in the meantime I wholeheartedly agree with the OP. Thank you MS/Asobo

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I too have had my moments of discouragement maybe getting angry and saying thoughtless things but then, thinking about it, behind this software there are people who have no interest in it going wrong but above all, I tried to imagine the hours of work, they will have thrown blood to give us what we ask and in a short time, for this, whether it goes well or badly, from now on I will continue to look beyond the screen to the people who work hard behind all this and with great respect and esteem I thank waiting for changes and improvements! for me, today Microsoft and Asobo are truly a piece of my heart… I don’t know how to say it but, I really thank them with affection and sincere esteem! above all i think it makes sense for me to party when something improves in the sim, but not to complain if something goes wrong. if anything, since i put my trust in buying the program i can try to help by making reports but, complaining for free won’t get my game back up and running and will frustrate the programmers making them less determined to fix the problems that plague us! constructive yes, destructive, no!!! ever again for any reason.

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Yes – GOOD JOB Asobo … well deserved thanks for getting a Patch out so quickly that does greatly help with the issues caused by Update #3


Yes, Thank you Asobo. Now, just don’t break it again!


I am satisfied with the patch, everything works better and with much less stuttering.
Ty Asobo

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Totally agree, latest patch made things even better. Flying this sim in VR feels almost like being outside for real which has been a nice escape during the dark winter months with nowhere to go. It might have worked like some kind of light therapy and I have the feeling that I might have felt a little bit worse if I wouldn’t have had it during the last couple of months.

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Yessss, i agree with you! Well sayd!

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I got to say it, the experience for me has been horrendous…affecting my marriage life…neglecting my other games not even played the new Assassin creed, I bought when that was released, now dont even want to go into work…:thinking::thinking:…not to mention the hit on my finance.

Thank you ASOBO

May start a support group for addiction

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This is the nicest post I’ve ever read on this forum.

Thank you! :slight_smile: