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Dear…or not so dear Microsoft & Asobo
Now that we have MSFS2020 which has undoubtly the best graphics of any Flight Sim (which I have said before) to date, maybe there is something else that could solve a lot of the issues some…or many of us are experiencing. We have the current MSFS2020 for the X-Box (GREAT)…now please make a version for the PC, for the folks that spend thousands building their own High End Desktop PC’s. It wont have to be butchered and toned down to work on anything else, we can then go the whole 9 yards. Awesome. :thought_balloon: :boom:


I have the PC version… perhaps if you had a clearer understanding of how to appropriately set-up your PC, you would have the PC version as well?

Here is a wishlist subdirectory in the support forum for such great advices, with possibilities to vote for. Most voted will pass to developers.

I don’t know what you mean by « give us the PC version » but we already do. The software is not optimised for PC but it’s meant to run on it for sure.

are you joking or serious?
I just don’t understand a post like this unless you were…

I’m guessing that (s)he is referring to the observation that FS2020 is being dumbed down a bit for XBox, and so everyone is getting that dumbed down version.

Personally I hate console type interfaces when I only use a PC. A few years ago I remoted to a server that was freshly upgraded to the latest Win Server OS with “Metro” and was greeted with a “Touch Screen To Start” type message…

TheFlightSimGuy got it in one! …to all the others who commented, I have this X-box game installed on my PC. Why does anyone think Microsoft created Windows 10 for…and this will only work on Windows 10 as it is app based and I have to ,

  1. Have a Microsoft store account
  2. have the X-Box console app installed
  3. and the X-Box app instralled

ie: that makes my PC into a X-BOX!!!"!!"