Justflight warrior ailerons and pitching

Can I adjust the response of the ailerons and the sensitivity of the pitching when adjusting the throttle?
As a pilot I owned one of these planes and its not correct, the ailerons should move three times as fast at least and its almost unflyable when landing and adjusting the throttle, again I owned one of these planes so its not correct. The trim is backwards too. My other planes are fine.

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If the trim is backwards for you, then it’s definitely something wrong with your setup.


Kind of…

Yes, if you are using an axis to control the trim, you do need to select the “reverse axis” tick mark in your control settings. The same is true for several other planes, such as the Corsair, the Nieuport I think (but not the P-40 interestingly, or maybe it was the other way around), and others.

It has to do with how the elevator trim is coded. Asobo apparently switched the direction of the axis in SU5, so, if you use their templates, it works appropriately, but, if you’ve custom coded it, as several developers have, it ended up reversed.

I pointed out the issue to Just Flight’s support forum, they were able to replicate and diagnose it, and they said they’ll fix it in an upcoming release. This will be true for all developers for which the elevator trim axis is reversed. I didn’t get as positive result when I reported the issue to Milviz, but, they didn’t say they wouldn’t fix it, either.

Well, that depends. Yes, you can adjust the sensitivity of your controllers in the Controller Options. Typically, developers create their flight models assuming sensitivity is at 0%. I switched my controllers to this when I learned this around last October, and I haven’t gone back since. YMMV, however, and you should probably test with some different sensitivity settings to see what you like best.

I rent Warriors regularly, and I don’t find the aileron response incorrect at all, but, I do find the pitch sensitivity to be a lot more sensitive in the sim vs real life. Setting the elevator trim to my throttle axis on my Logitech Extreme3D Pro joystick helps a lot in being able to control the elevator trim more accurately and makes flying easier. But, I have gotten into a control feedback loop trying to land in IMC, however, so, I agree it’s a bit sensitive there.

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@FlyingsCool5650 I didn’t know about the trim axis problem.
@likes2fly Besides, I believe you can adjust aileron response in the 'Customisation" tab when selecting the aircraft.

I thought when you adjusted the aileron response it uses the change for all aircraft am I wrong, same for the reverse on trim it would screw up the correct planes too.

That’s correct. Currently, you cannot create custom control defaults per aircraft. There is a request out there for that though. It’s a bit of a pain, but, Just Flight told me they are going to fix it.

I don’t know what the “Customization” tab is though. I haven’t seen that. But, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

@likes2fly @FlyingsCool5650 The customisation tab is in the aircraft selection menu, near the “liveries” and “failures”. You set your tail number there and there are settings for control authority. They are saved only for current flight per aircraft, though I’ve never used them.

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