JustFly Piper Arrow...huge disappointment

Bought both the Carenada as well as the JustFly for MSFS. Carenado flys great…I crash uncontrollably on take off in the JustFly Arrow…very disappointed? Any suggestions?

Get flying lessons?


No problem with the JF Arrow at all, lovely plane.


This is probably the first aircraft in MSFS that has realistic flight dynamics. Not surprising that you are not used to it.


Um, Carenado is the one that crashes uncontrollably on takeoff since SU3 broke the aircraft and it needs an update now. JF flies great. :wink:


The Carenado flies great…even AI can’t take the JustFly off…same thing Turns hard left into the ground…I used to fly the Pipers in the 80’s for real…great plane.


Is your flight model set to Modern?

I have the same problem. The thing is almost worse than the Waco on release, I hope it gets fixed asap.

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That’s so weird - it’s amazing that different users have such wildly different experiences. Could be a difference in controllers and setting if not for the Flight Model being set to Legacy.

I will try setting to modern. I am excited to get it working as all else is terrific on this plane.

Very strange indeed… I can´t fly well, but I LOVED JF´s Piper…

Just checked, my flight model was still set to “modern”. I’ve no clue how why they didn’t fix this before release.

How is performance compared with Cessna 172 in vr?

NEVER have Legacy enabled. It will render most planes un-flyable.


Harsh but Funny !

Do you have your sensitivity curves set to linear? I hear you are supposed to.

You need to change flight settings to ‘Modern’ You’ll be in legacy mode to have that happening.

Pretty sure you’ll not find it a huge disappointment once that’s done.

That did it …flys great. Thanks


I’m on Modern and still have this problem. Any ideas? The plane dances near uncontrollably before lift-off. Don’t have this problem with any other plane in the sim, and it feels like I was playing a taildragger (think about the Waco or Spitfire in the game).

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Yep. I’ve just done a couple of hours in the JustFlight Arrow and also found it almost uncontrollably twitchy on take-off & landing rolls…

Then reset my control curves from exponential to linear. Works a treat now.