JustSim EBBR missing tower and taxiway centrelines

As the title says, just bought EBBR from JustSim, and the control tower is missing, plus all yellow taxi centrelines are missing too. Nothing else is installed (except free Paderborn, and the 3 World updates), sim is up to date. Anybody else has seen this?

I wouldnt be surprised from Justsim considering their quality is just like a rush job. JustSim is famous for expensive airports with quality of “meh” and non-existence support. If you bought it from marketplace, I would ask for a refund and wait until Aerosoft releases EBBR which I think shouldn’t far away.

Same issue here. If you look at the Justsim website you see the tower and taxi lines in the pictures.

Very disappointing purchase :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have written an email to the support email address.

Same story here … missing tower
Me too I send an email to support yesterday. I hope they can help us …
If not, maybe it is not a bad idea to ask a refund and wait for the Aerosoft version
Someone already has experienceknows with a refund or knows how this works?


Thanks for the feedback, “glad to hear” that the issue is not on my end… I agree, that the customer support of JustSim is horrible, but for example the very same scenery in XP 11 is perfectly good quality, so I was hoping for the same in MSFS 2020 too. It is possible that the World Update 3, or the most recent hotfix (that also fixed the crazy blue lights scattered all over the airport) might have messed something up, because I have seen screenshots from others from before these updates, and the lines and tower were there back then (but the blue edge lights were all over the place, that’s why people were complaining). If anybody hears back from support (which is doubtful, let’s be honest), let us know here. Otherwise also interested in the refund process.

Still no reaction from JustSim …


I posted also on their facebook. No reaction either.

I also tried both posting on their Facebook page, and writing to them on Facebook Messenger, no reaction anywhere.

I had a positive reaction guys …
This was their answer:
Good afternoon. Confirm. Problem detected. Wait for the update. I have already sent the files to the Marketplace employees

Looks promising


Thanks for sharing. Lets wait patiently.

Fingers crossed!

Things are looking good. Also a positive response on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/justsim/permalink/2815088942079948/

hmmm they are even not mentioning the missing control tower in the FB post
indeed, so let’s cross fingers

Justsim did as promised. Taxi lines and tower fixed.
Thank you Justsim :+1:

Update or reinstall?

I did an update at the MSFS marketplace.

II just bought the latest version of EBBR from JUSTSIM, it is the best EBBR I have ever had, I think the latest version is OK, I don’t see anything wrong. It was easy to find the gate yourself, all the markings and gate numbers are there.

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Hi all, I just bought EBBR from Justsim and so far it looks and performs great, but…
The shortcut to activate the VDGS should be “L-Shift+V”, and you guessed it, it doesn’t activate the docking control panel.
As far as I know I didn’t change/replace the above shortcut. I hope anyone could help me to activate the active docking system.
Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: