Kahului / PHOG

First shots from the new Kahului, Maui airport from NSS…


Love it. I’m collecting Hawaiian airports bit by bit. I hope more are on the horizon.

same… the NSS stuff is really good, PHNL is on the horizon from FSDT and Orbx has Honolulu city scenery in the works… :wink:


Thanks for posting. Glad to see this airport. I haven’t bought any of the NSS sceneries for the smaller Hawaiian airports, but they seemed to be well done. I’ll be adding this shortly. Also glad to hear PNL is under development.

I think I have all of their Alaska and Hawaii airports - quality is consistently good across the board.

The smaller Hawaii airports are great for GA or if you like the 208 Mokulele commuter flights.

I can’t wait for PHNL… the default is… uh… lacking… and the drunk runway edge line painting :stuck_out_tongue: