Kathmandu to Paro

I tried to fly Kathmandu to Paro ,

I get a hang , that it cant even be closed …
3 Different Computers and users all the same result …

Can anyone please confirm …

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I flew this route a few weeks ago in both the TBM and the Skyhawk. Other than a challenge getting the 172 up and over those “hills” there were no unusual game issues. I’ll try that flight again and report back if any problems.

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No problem with the flight.

I have flown that route before, but not in the last two patches.

Tried this route yesterday. No issue with hangs, except that my FBW A320 can’t draw proper curves for the RNAV15, which almost caused a controlled flight into terrain.

You have to disengage AP and fly manually through the valley. I didn’t depart from Kathmandu but it’s going to Paro anyway. I didn’t have the hang in my session then.

I’ve done the approach many times in the FSL Airbus and PMDG 737. On the RNAV 15, it should be able to fly between two mountains before entering the valley for a manual breakout descent. However, the FBW tracks too far north, off lateral profile, and straight into a mountain if not intervened manually.

Seems like a nav issue itself from MSFS or navigraph. And not an FBW problem.

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