KAUS released by DominicDesignTeam

KAUS DominicDesignTeam


It’s a nice scenery, but I’ve got a KLM 787 by the gates that appears to be there by accident. Dunno if it’s something on my end, or if it’s a scenery issue.

Looks like a static aircraft that’s a part of the scenery. Just purchased this airport, and that plane’s there for me, too.

Interesting…I do not have that aircraft there. Do you guys have any static aircraft mods installed? The only anomaly I have found so far is a numbering mismatch at gate 32.

I have AIG’s models and liveries and FSLTL installed, but I didn’t have either injector running when I went to check this airport out. Otherwise, I don’t have other mods that place static aircraft.

Likewise. Strange.

I am in contact with the developer, he’s released version 1.1 to correct the mismatched jetway number and remove the random static aircraft. See if v1.1 corrects your issue?

I’m just curious if they’ll release this to inimanager instead of just simmarket. Can’t stand simmarket.

Can confirm. Random KLM Dreamliner is gone, and Gate 23 is corrected. Overall, very good scenery! The main terminal looks very nice with good interior modeling, and I like the attention paid to the rest of the airfield, including the South Terminal building where Frontier and Allegiant fly into and out from. Based on what I’ve seen of Dominic Design’s work, this is likely their best release to date.

Awesome, glad the update worked for you. I agree, his best work to date.

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Yes should come to IniManager, but no ETA at the moment.

For those who’ve tried, Is this any good? I’m not familiar with the developer and I don’t know if anyone else is planning on releasing their own KUAS. Not yet sure if I should pull the trigger.

Curious on reviews as well!

I’ll vouch for this scenery…In a nutshell, I think it’s very well done, and this is coming from someone who’s been to that airport IRL. I’m glad to have it in my collection, and if you fly to/from Austin a lot, I’m sure you’ll find it a worthy upgrade over stock scenery.

Great! Will pick it up as soon as it shows up on IniManager myself.

Bit the bullet and bought this as I’ve been waiting for another Texas airport for a while now.

It’s pretty decent with good fps. Can’t really complain much about anything except for the price. KAUS is not that big and complicated an airport to begin with so not a lot of buildings and taxiways and runways are needed to be worked on. So almost 20 dollars is a little steep.

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I think it’s pretty good overall. I flew a business jet out of KAUS for the past 10+ years (although recently moved to KEDC). The terminal area obviously received most of the developer’s attention. I’m one of those who sees little point in modeling the interior of terminal buildings but the frame rate remains good. I would have liked to have seen the old bomb/ammunition bunkers modeled on the east side of the airport…and as a bonus, the F1 race track which is just a stone’s throw from KAUS… as is the massive Tesla ‘Giga Factory’.

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I’ve been reading somewhat mixed reviews on simmarket.
Any notable updates on this release?
Also curious to hear if anyone can compare to the FeelThere version.

One thing I will say about it is that performance is great, even with tons of FSLTL-injected traffic. But away from the terminal area, the detail is quite sparse. I flew into KAUS in Feb and there are a lot of features missing in the DDT scenery, such as the public viewing area adjacent to the 18L threshold, and the huge grass pyramid near the tower.

It’s decent but not standout. Worth it when on sale (as it is now) but expensive at full price, when you bear in mind it costs the same as Pyreegue’s acclaimed EGNX.

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