KAVL Asheville Regional

Disappointed that the new offering for KAVL (Asheville NC) in the Sim Marketplace does not have the new runway active. Still has the temporary runway that has been demolished and is being converted to a new taxiway. Hopefully the creators will update it.

From what I’ve heard about the dev, don’t count on it - but I could be wrong. They also offer a version of KGSO that looks decent in the screenshots, but almost everyone I talk to says don’t bother.

Oh well. The buildings and grounds look a lot better than the default, just a bit disappointed that they left out the new runway.

That developer is a joke, it is a disgrace that they are even allowed into the marketplace.

Made the mistake of purchasing their Naples, FL scenery. Truly awful. Some badly modeled buildings, completely default parking layout, and then copy-paste of random assets all over the airport like C17’s taking up the entire GA ramp. 90% of the freeware airports are higher quality.