KBUR Invisible Object on Runway 15 — Crashing Aircraft

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There is an invisible object at the start of runway 15 at KBUR. It wrecked my aircraft taxiing for TO.

I don’t want to be negative here, but it is unacceptable that this situation exists here and on runway 30 of KOAK. Both of these are major US airports in CA. I’ve barely used any of the airports/airfields in this game and already I’ve run into (literally) two invisible objects on two of the airports I’ve attempted TOs or landings at.

Crashing on landing at KOAK was the worst after a 2.5 hour real-time flight — just unacceptable. This is basic QA, especially for these major airports. These aren’t easily overlooked private grass airfields.

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Taxi from start of runway 15 at KBUR

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This could be one of those cracks in the runway that show up. Hitting one at high speed has crashed a few of my flights.