KCDK (marketplace): Trees and bushes on runway

Runway full with trees and bushes. Crash guaranted except flying in an helo.

Support contacted.

This has nothing to do with the scenery from PILOT’S and everything to do with how you have configured your settings in MSFS!

This is a known bug with MSFS that occurs when the followings two conditions are met:

In the MSFS Settings the Bing Data World Graphics is set to OFF


In the MSFS Settings the Photogrammetry is set to OFF

You need to ensure that at least one of these is set to ON, ideally both should be configured to be active and set to ON!

Perhaps next time you should wait until you get a response from PILOT’S support before posting misleading information here!

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To be more precise, since Photogrammetry option is greyed when Bing Data is OFF, there’s no alternative. It’s not as if I could turn ON one or the other.
If, due to low bandwith connection, I can’t allow to set Bing data to ON, then I’ve no use for this scenery as long as this MSFS bug is active.
Wonders never cease!